Front Wing 300 Surf V2


The perfect wing to get comfortable foiling– whether surf foiling, eFoiling or sailing

If you’re teaching eFoiling, with family, friends or as a school this is a must have wing

Don’t underestimate the 300 Surf, this wing will surprise you, it’s a ton of fun to ride

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The 300 Surf V2 offers a unique, super-stable foiling experience. For surfing, think long boards and small waves. For sailing, learning to foil has never been so easy and fun. If you’re an eFoil owner and are teaching new riders frequently, this wing makes it as easy as possible, offering a perfect experience for new riders.

Best for: New foilers and riders building confidence.

Aspect Ratio: 4.1

Area: 300 in ^2 / 1935 cm^2