Electric Surf Sports is a company established in South Florida to bring you the latest in electric powered; jet surfboards, skateboards, bikes, scooters, action drones, personal electric mobility vehicles(PEMV) and more. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service while you choose your next adventure, be it on land, in the air or in the surf. We are your source for clean green electric fun. Keep checking back as our inventory of awesome products grows.

Green Clean Electric Fun

We strive to choose products that are fun to use, and don't hurt or pollute the environment. Pollution doesn't just come in chemical form, Noise pollution is usually not something considered in our day to day lives. All of our products operate quietly and in most cases almost silently. This allows you to use these items in residential and natural areas and be considerate at the same time. It is our firm belief that electric powered vehicles are the future in green transportation and entertainment.

Electric Surfboards

A new sport is here. Whether carving up the ocean, or exploring the coast for hours, we have an Electric Surfboard for everyone's style. Come check out the Jetboards that are stirring up the industry.


Capture every moment of your epic adventures with an Action drone like the Lily camera, It flies itself and tracks you through a water resistant wrist bound tracker, the only thing you need to supply is the action and it'll do the rest. For those that belong in the sky and need to keep your fingers on the gimbals, not to worry we have you covered. We are partnered with top tier Drone vendors to bring you the latest in flying Drone tech.

Last Mile Vehicles

Travel around locally, or get to your last stop in style. Ride with confidence when you choose an electric vehicle from us, know that you'll only be riding on the best products on the market.

Customer Service

As a premier product Dealer, we will do whatever it takes to make YOU happy and satisfied with your purchase. Please contact us anytime with questions, concerns, or just to talk Tech. Let us help you choose your next adventure.