Swagtron Swagsurf

Introducing the Swagtron SwagSurf Electric Jetboard

Swagtron has been working hard to release the Swagsurf Electric Jetboard in the US. We're very excited to introduce it to the East Coast of the US and recently had a chance to demo a pre-production board. What a blast that was. The SwagSurf is an excellent lightweight inflatable electric jetboard that is great for beginners. It's not the fastest jetboard out there topping out around 12-14 mph but at $2999.99 it's an excellent value for fun and good for riders of all skill levels as an entry level electric jetboard. It plays well in small surf, but if there's no waves, no problem. Make your own!

While the Swagtron SwagSurf is only available in the US, outside of the US, it is known as the Mertek S1. Contact us for details on where and how you can get a board if you're out in the Caribbean or elsewhere.

Video below of that demo:


Save $400 dollars as an early bird special as well as other exciting offers when you buy today on Indiegogo! Hurry as supplies are limited and the sale ends 8/23/18. Please note, Electric Surf Sports is not responsible for the accuracy of information on Indiegogo nor it's stated delivery times. All campaign information is managed by Swagtron, we simply receive a small commission for any sales for following our link: https://bit.ly/eSwagSurf

Indiegogo Campaign


MAKE YOUR OWN WAVES with the jet-powered SWAGSURF from SWAGTRON and surf any inland lake or body of water. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer on the coast or a first-time rider on a lake, never worry about getting skunked, waves need not apply.

A true rebel rides against the tide.

Rip upstream against choppy rivers. Explore hidden coves with family and friends. The SwagSurf is your ticket to shred! Or if you prefer a more chill experience, gently float your way through serene waters using the jet engine to enjoy nature on demand.

Swagtron Swagsurf features


The SwagSurf electric surfboard uses state-of-the-art brushless 2800-watt D jet surf motor to propel you through the water.  Surge ahead at speeds of up to 12.5mph for up to 20 minutes on a single charge at full speed. Lower speeds will allow for longer rides.


The detachable hydrofoil creates life to make ripping through waves an ultra-smooth experience with less drag for bigger riders.


Use the handheld steering strap and pre-paired waterproof remote to maneuver like a pro. Go left, right, faster, slower – all at your fingertips.


Never lose your footing on the inflatable deck, made from highly durable, strong drop-stitch fabric and covered with no-slip EVA foam for comfort.


If you happen to bail, take comfort knowing that you won’t be left behind. An attached ankle leash comes with a safe-stop switch. When tugged free, the safe-stop feature automatically cuts power to the motor.


Say goodbye to bulky surfboards. Use the included electric air pump to inflate your board in a matter of minutes. With a press of a button, you’ll be ready to answer when the urge to hit the waters calls!


Why did Swagtron choose Indiegogo?

Indiegogo’s platform is used to test-drive new products. More importantly, it allows us to engage in the sort of conversation that helps advance innovation and push through ideas. It’s not only about funding, for which we are very thankful. It’s about gauging interest, perfecting quality and releasing the very best finished product using the most valuable kind of feedback: yours!

Your backing allows us to continue funding R&D and bring products to market faster for your enjoyment at a higher quality and a lower price.

How does the SwagSurf work?

The SwagSurf jetboard uses a remote-controlled brushless DC motor that draws water in and accelerates it out at the back of the board to create thrust, propelling the board forward.

How fast does the SwagSurf go?

The SwagSurf can go as fast as 12.5 mph / 10.8 knots.

How long does the battery last?

About 45 minutes at medium speed and at least 20 minutes at max speed. How long the battery lasts depends on your riding style and what type of riding you’re doing i.e. sitting on the board and cruising won’t use as much power as racing at full throttle.

Does the SwagSurf come with anything?

Yes! The SwagSurf comes with the battery, charger, parts for the hydrofoil, remote, electric pump, hand strap, an ankle leash (with attached kill switch), a spare kill switch, a repair kit, and our handy dandy user manual.

What’s a hydrofoil?

A hydrofoil is a wing-like structure that’s sometimes attached to different watercraft like boats and jetboards. The SwagSurf's hydrofoil creates lift, slightly raising the board to reduce to water resistance and make your surfing experience smoother.

Should I use the hydrofoil?

In general, yes, depending on your weight. For surfers weighing under 143 lbs. / 65 kg, the hydrofoil is not required. However, for surfers weighing 143 lbs. / 65 kg or more, the hydrofoil is highly recommended for safety and an overall better surfing experience. If you plan on surfing in relatively shallow waters, using the hydrofoil is not recommended.

Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Per U.S. Coast Guard regulations, ALL persons using this type of watercraft must wear a life jacket that will accommodate the individual’s age, height, and weight etc. Failure to wear a life jacket may result in serious injury. Besides it being a legal issues, we care about your safety. Please always wear a lifejacket and obey all applicable laws.

How do I inflate the board?

Step 1. Lay the jetboard on a flat, even surface. Do not leave the jetboard on rocky or uneven surfaces as this may cause damage during inflation.

Step 2. Connect the hose to the side of the pump then connect the pump’s cables together via the black and yellow connectors.

Step 3. Connect the adapter to the other end of the hose if needed.

Step 4. Insert the end of the hose with the adapter into the board’s air valve and twist it 90° to lock it in place.

Step 5. Turn the red knob on top of the pump to 14 PSI. Note, 14 PSI is the recommended minimum though the board may be inflated up to 25 PSI max.

Step 6. Connect the clamps to the terminals on your car’s battery or another suitable 12V battery and press the pump’s ON button. Remember, the red clamp connects to the + terminal while the black clamp connects to the - terminal.

Step 7. Once the selected pressure has been reached, the pump will turn off automatically. The pump can be turned off at any time by pressing the OFF button.

Note: If you choose to use another pump rather than the included one, ensure that it features a gauge that allows you to measure PSI. Long periods of use can cause overheating and damage the product, do not use the pump continuously for more than 20 minutes.

Safety Alert: Check polarity (+ and -) when connecting the pump’s terminals to any battery or power source. If the terminals are not properly connected, the pump or power supply may malfunction and result in damage.

What does the kill switch do?

The kill switch cuts power to the SwagSurf’s motor immediately. The switch comes attached to the ankle leash, and kills the engine if it’s detached from the jetboard i.e. if you fall off.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, each SwagSurf is backed with a 1 year warranty to protect against manufacture defects. If you open it up and something’s wrong, let us know! If you have questions or any concerns our customer happiness team is standing by at support@swagtron.com

What happens if this campaign doesn't reach its funding goals?

The backer funding will be used to cover the costs of bringing this product to market and the heavy R&D required to produce and test a product like this. All the perks claimed will be fulfilled. If you purchased a perk that we can not fulfill, we will refund your money or offer you a comparable perk if that is your choosing.

Where will the SwagSurf ship to?

This jetboard will ship all over the continental US. Unfortunately, we’re unable to ship the SwagSurf overseas or to AK, HI at this time. We want to offer the best experience for customers which includes free shipping inside the continental U.S.

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All Bixpy Jets in Stock!

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It's finally starting to warm up!! At least in Florida... Don't be left without a Bixpy Jet in time for summer! The hottest new water toy on the market for boosting virtually anything on the water. Kayaks, SUP's, Canoes, Dinghy's and even yourself underwater! All Kits in stock now.






Order your Bixpy Jet today and don't miss out on the fun!




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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Join us for massive savings during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale! Hundreds off the

Voltbike Series of Electric Bikes, Jupiter Folding Electric Bike, Inboard M1, Cycleboard, SUP Jet and

more! Click on an image below to see sale pricing.

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Bixpy Outboard Jets in stock and shipping!

Bixpy Outboard Jets are in stock and shipping! They go fast, so order soon! The handheld Swim Jet batteries are slightly delayed but due in soon, will update shortly and expected delivery is just before Christmas.

All Bixpy Outboard kits and adapters are available for order. You may order Swim Jet batteries and kits, but please note that this is to reserve delivery of the Swim Jets before the end of the year.

We had a blast at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). We hope we had a chance to meet you there and demonstrate the Bixpy Jets, but if we didn’t, no worries as we’re constantly doing demo days and will likely attend another boat show in your area. We’ll announce the next demo day soon!


FLIBS Bixpy Dome Port 2

Check out the demo video below that we did in collaboration with an up and coming Youtube Fisherman Aliex from AliexFishingTV

We talk about the Bixpy Jet versatility and later actually get on the water for a very windy and somewhat choppy day of fishing with the Bixpy Jet in both the Hobie Rudder and Hobie MirageDrive configuration. I get left behind on the pedal powered Titan kayak! It’s a long one but worth a watch.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. See you on the water!


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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show FLIBS 2017

Please join us at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show known as FLIBS 2017. It’s the 58th Annual show and this one is action packed!

We’ll be displaying, demoing and talking about the following tech:

  • The versatile Bixpy Jet which allows you to boost any device on the water, even yourself!
  • SUP Jet, an traditional SUP with an electric powered twist.
  • Inboard M1 the most innovative electric skateboard on the market.
  • Voltbike, the most rugged and light foldable fat tire bike on the market, capable of crushing sand and hills, make this your island explorer.
  • Cycleboard, a three wheeled scooter that features a lean to steer system, it’s like a skateboard with a handlebar and a brake.
  • Kiwano K01 a unique single wheeled self balancing scooter revolutionizing commuting in the urban space.


For directions and map view Event for FLIBS 2017 click here.


-Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show FLIBS 2017-

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What a Journey! The Bixpy team has been hard at work ensuring they deliver an excellent product that lives up to all the hype it has generated around the world.

We were lucky enough to get our motors in late last week and everyone that pre-ordered should have their orders on their way! Super exciting times.

The next batch of motors arrives in October, be sure to place your pre-orders to secure a motor from the next batch as they have all sold out.

Additionally you can check out the motors in person at the Fort Lauderdale boat show taking place November 1st to the 5th. Hope to see you there!

Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to let everyone know that our first batch of motors have been unpacked, tested, retested, packed up again and ready for shipment!

For the first batch of motors, we’re shipping to orders by date of order, location and a few other criteria.

From here, we have a much larger order that is being completed and will ship to us in the next 3 to 4 weeks. All remaining pre-orders will be fulfilled from the second and larger batch of product.

We’re super excited as we work tirelessly to test, pack and ship this first batch of motors.

We can’t wait to hear about how you use your Bixpy Jets and can’t wait to get awesome pictures and videos from everyone above and below water!

Thank you all for your unbelievable patience, unwavering support and the constant encouragement to keep us going throughout this project.

See you on the water!

The Bixpy Team

-First Bixpy Jets on their way-

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Bixpy Production Update and News

Bixpy Production Update and News

Bixpy Production Update and News! We would like to take this time to thank you for your incredible support and pre-orders. We’re just as excited as everyone else to get motors into your hands and into your adventures!

Here is the latest news from the Bixpy HQ. We’re getting close!

-Bixpy Production Update and News-

Hi everyone,

As always, many things have happened at Bixpy since the last update so we would like to give everyone a quick update on our production progress and other key events.

Last week we received our first small batch of production motors! This is very exciting news, as these are finished products, bringing us much closer to the reality of delivering everyone’s orders.

This small batch was for quality confirmation and functionality testing and so far everything has been great!

From here, our production team is building another small batch of 100 motors from which we will fulfill some first orders and keep a few motors for further testing and engineering validation. We will then immediately enter full capacity production and fulfill all other pre-orders and hold some inventory for future orders.

Although we had expected things to move along a little more quickly in this final stage, the new shaft material has required more attention in machining and production than expected. However, it is not causing any significant delays and we’re optimistic that the first Bixpy Jets will be ready by the end of this month.

At the same time, we have finished the production of all Bixpy accessories. These include all the attachment kits, cables, wiring, fins adapters and other items you need for installing your Bixpy Jets to kayaks and paddle boards. These parts are all ready and sitting in our San Diego warehouse ready to ship when we have the motors.

As always, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our mission from the beginning and trusted us with pre-orders and pledges. We’re working tirelessly to make sure you’re thrilled with the product you will soon receive. All the best, The Bixpy Team

Check out this recent video of the Swimjet in action on a Bellyak from Outdoor retailer. It zipped across the water! Be sure to like and follow our Facebook and Instagram Pages!

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The M1 Just Got Better. Again.

The M1 Just Got Better

The M1 just got better. Again. We’re proud to announce the release of Inboard M1 Firmware 2.2, Inboard's biggest upgrade to the M1 yet. Over the past several months, They have released 3 performance-enhancing firmware updates for the M1, and this one by far has the most to offer. They have made adjustments to braking behavior, improved thermal management, and enabled a collection of new features accessible from the Vision App.

To upgrade your M1 now, download or update to the newest version of Vision for iOS, pair your phone to the M1, and update your firmware from the Vision App. First time upgrading? Watch the M1 Firmware Update Tutorial.

We’re working on Vision for Android, so if you do not have an iPhone, we strongly recommend borrowing one from a friend, downloading Inboard Vision and updating. The process only takes minutes and will add a host of new features and improvements to the M1.

Firmware 2.2 Features


Thermal Management

For riders in warmer climates, we’ve improved the overall thermal management within the Manta Drive motors. The amount of time you have full acceleration before reaching thermal limits is now increased. When initial thermal limits are reached, acceleration is smoothed to gradually reduce torque, rather than an instant cutoff. This means you can ride longer and harder before reaching thermal limits.

This improvement compliments a feature from the previous update, where we refined torque falloff for the Manta Drive. This makes the transition from accelerating or braking to gliding feel much smoother and more predictable.


Braking has been adjusted to maintain performance during temperature limiting. This can happen during a long, continuous run over flat terrain or while riding on hot pavement. To improve safety, the M1 now allows braking at far higher temperatures than the limits for acceleration. This means that, on the rare occasion when the motors get too hot, the ability to accelerate will be limited long before the ability to brake.


We’ve added an M1 odometer feature that will start recording total ride distance from the moment M1 Firmware 2.2 is installed. Distance stats can be viewed in the Vision App. Currently the odometer feature is accurate to the nearest mile, rounded down.

Riding Modes

With M1 Firmware 2.2, you can now switch between beginner, intermediate (eco), and advanced riding modes directly from the app. Custom mode, where the rider will be able to set custom values for acceleration and top speed, is still in development and will be available soon.

New Pairing Procedure

After installing this update, riders can use an alternative pairing procedure to pair the M1 to the RFLX Remote or Vision App. To pair, lay the board on a flat surface with the wheels up and firmly knock three times in a row anywhere on the deck near the rear truck. This will put the board into pairing mode and allow it to pair with the RFLX Remote or Vision App. If desired, you can continue to use the old ‘tap and hold’ pairing procedure

Other Improvements

  • The temperature warning LED flash pattern can now be toggled on and off
  • The non-critical error LED flash pattern now displays for a shorter amount of time

Included Improvements from Previous Updates

  • Increased torque for better acceleration and hill climbing. The M1 will now utilize a steeper acceleration curve, which means riders will experience improved off-the-line acceleration and better uphill performance, especially at lower speeds.
  • Idle PowerShift Battery life extended. This fix addresses a bug where the M1 would prematurely drain a connected PowerShift Battery, even when the M1 was off. This fix significantly reduces idle M1 battery drain, but does not completely eliminate it. We still recommend completely removing the PowerShift Battery when the M1 is not in use, especially for long periods of time.
  • PowerShift Battery charge level reporting improved. This fix improves the accuracy of measuring the remaining charge in your PowerShift Battery and also fixes a bug that was generating false low battery warnings in certain riding situations.
  • More consistent top speed for all riding modes. This fix improves the regulation of maximum speed in all three riding modes while riding on a flat surface. Acceleration is now completely disabled once the M1 reaches the top speed for the set riding mode.
  • Torque falloff for the Manta Drive has been further refined to make the transition from accelerating or braking to gliding feel much smoother and more predictable.
  • The M1 will now run a critical hardware safety check every time the board is turned on. This will test the functionality of critical temperature sensors, motor drive circuitry, and Bluetooth components. If any critical components are found to be faulty, both M1 tail LEDs will alternate a quick flashing pattern for 1 minute and then put the M1 into sleep mode. The M1 will not be rideable in this state. If errors are found to be non-critical, front and rear LEDs will alternate a quick flashing pattern, and then M1 will operate as normal.
  • The intermittent issue where only one Manta Drive wheel spins when throttle is applied without anyone on the board is now fixed.

To upgrade your M1 now, download or update to the newest version of Vision for iOS, pair your phone to the M1, and update your firmware from the Vision App. Need help? Watch the M1 Firmware Update Tutorial or contact us at support@inboardtechnology.com.

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Camorama 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Unboxing

Camorama 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Unboxing

Another day, and more electrified fun. We managed to get our hands on the Camorama 360 degree 4k VR Camera and decided to write a little review on it. We’ve been in the market for 360 Cameras for a little bit and finally came across the right camera for the price and features. Other 360 Cameras usually had pretty poor quality or were cumbersome at best. When we saw that the Camorama camera was 4K (has the same image sensor as the Yi 4K camera, which crushes GoPro Hero 4; IMX377) and offered some really cool features like live streaming and control over Wifi with a remote or your phone, waterproof to 30M with the underwater case all for a decent price, we anxiously placed our order. We quickly received our Camorama unit and put it to the test. We ordered the 64GB model as it was a good price point right in the middle and offered a sizeable amount of storage. We also ordered the underwater case, tripod, selfie stick and camera soft carrying bag. The camera and accessories arrived quickly and packaged very well.


Unboxing, felt similar to opening up a flagship product like the latest iPhone, nothing feels cheap or too plastic. The camera itself is very small and for the most part light weight which makes carrying it around in the little soft case very easy. It even comes with a little clip to help things along. The Selfie stick is well constructed and feels very sturdy. I would usually attach the selfie stick to the tripod to get higher elevation shots. The tripod has a built in level for ensuring everything is nice and flat for the best shots. It’s okay if the camera is not perfectly level, you’re unlikely to see a difference unless it’s noticeably leaning.

Camorama Android App





Home screen, connect the Camorama Camera via Wifi. Follow the quick animation. Set a first time password. Afterwards connecting to the camera is fast and seamless.





View downloaded content when not connected to the Camorama unit, otherwise you will see all files streamed over Wifi when connected. This is nice as well as it won’t take up space on your phone unless you choose to download items.

Camorama Android App viewing


View in the various modes. The buttons in order from top to bottom: Flip Lens view, if you took the image or movie inverted or right side up, you can change the view with this button. The next button Cycles the options with each press: Fisheye, Tiny Planet, Wide Screen and Asteroid. Next is the active tracking mode: Use your finger to move around or turn on the tracking mode that matches your phone’s movement with what you see. Lastly here you can enable the VR mode, last option on the bottom.

Operating the camera is a breeze, and it pairs easily with your Android or iPhone after downloading the latest Camorama APP. It was refreshing for a change to have a device work well with my Android as often times developers focus on the IOS platform and trickle down to the Android platforms eventually, it just worked all around on my phone or my Fiancé’s iPhone. The first time connecting the camera to the phone App, it’ll present a blank Wifi Password field which it’ll then ask you to change to some 8 Digit number, obviously avoid using the same digit throughout like all 1’s 2’s or 0’s while that may seem tempting, it’s really to prevent anyone else from trying to connect to your Camorama on the go. If you forget the password, you can reset it easily by holding down the reset button near the charging port. The modes included Single Shots, Burst, and Video which can all be set by the Phone App, I found it easy to set it to a mode I liked, and then just use the camera’s bigger center button to start and stop video, or snap a shot, however for shots away from the camera, it’s useful to do so with your phone app. Sharing is easy with the phone app, and you don’t even have to download the files to the phone, you can preview them streaming over Wifi which is nice if your phone lacks storage capacity. When viewing the playback, a 1 finger tap and release snaps a screenshot and saves it locally to the phone. 2 Finger tap takes a panoramic photo from a video file which can be shared on social media. There is a Windows and Mac based Camorama player softer which will allow you to view, and edit photos and videos as well as export these items to be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube for example, screenshots can also be taken from this. We did find that some features were missing, like joining video files together, and earlier version of the software would crash, but after speaking to support, they quickly addressed the issue and updated me the second there was an update available for download on the site. We’ve used the camera kayaking, at the beach, at a wedding, hopefully soon we’ll go diving with it. So far it’s worked without issue every time. We did notice it’ll get warm to the touch when uploading and playing back videos from the camera whilst connected to the computer but that seems normal. We were able to record for a hair over 1.5 hours straight. If you’re snapping photos and videos here and there, it will last longer, and lasts a while on standby.


Pros: Competitive with other 360 Camera manufactures, and you get much more features for the price. Everything feels solid, and well designed. Very easy to operate, set it and forget it. Very small compact size. Works on Android or iPhones. Sharing to social media is easy from the Phone App. Magnetic lens cover and magnetic base allows attaching the Camorama camera to metallic surfaces.

Cons: The Camorama Windows Player app while getting better with each version still has some features that would be desired. Cannot comment on the MAC version of the software. Another con is that the video clips are broken into 2 minutes, I imagine that this is due to the fact that all 2 min clips are quite large in size as 360 video captures A LOT of data, and there are possibly limitations in saving these large blocks to the storage medium (This is just a guess), but I was assured that joining clips together would not be an issue in a release coming out soon for the Camorama Player Computer app. While not really so much of a con, but mentioning that the Storage capacity is built into the Camera much like the way iPhones are set up with internal memory which doesn’t let you add more. I’d recommending getting the largest size you can afford. It will not fill up in one session, we used the Camera 3 full times now and aren’t even halfway through the 64GBs.


*Please Note: The VR viewing module on this website “pinches” the top and the bottom. The images look and are seamless in the Camorama app and viewer and when uploaded to Facebook or Youtube.

Camorama 360 4K Mini Tripod
Camorama 360 4K Mini Tripod

Set up for hands free action. Use the Camorama 360 4K Mini Tripod to capture your most exciting moments. Place it in a city square, on a sandy beach shore, or near a waterfall. You’ll be sure to love using this well designed, sturdy mini tripod. It can be used with the Selfie stick to elevate your captures as well. The legs fold and double as a handy grip for hand held shooting.

not rated $19.99 Add to cart
Camorama 360 4k Selfie Stick
Camorama 360 4k Selfie Stick

Capture your most memorable moments by yourself or with your friends with the Camorama 360 4k Selfie Stick. Featuring a 6 section adjustable telescoping design that fully extends to 710mm. An articulating locking ball head with quick release makes for easy adjustment when filming with the camera right side up or inverted. 1/4 inch universal mounting point on the base handle as well as the top.

not rated $24.99 Add to cart
Camorama 360 4K Underwater Case
Camorama 360 4K Underwater Case

Sometimes life is wet! Take your Camorama 360° camera on your water adventures too with this underwater case.
Designed to be waterproof to 30 Meters, take it on your diving adventures or any place where the Camorama might take more than just a quick splash.
Small camera, small underwater case. It doesn’t take up much room so never leave home without it. Universal 1/4 inch Mounting point underneath to use with your selfie stick, mini tripod or other accessories.

not rated $29.99 Add to cart
Camorama 360 4k VR Camera
Camorama 360 4K VR Camera

The future is here. Now let’s have some fun with it! You’ve heard about Virtual Reality. You’ve probably heard that Facebook and YouTube now support 360-degree videos. You’ve seen Google street-view. Now you can be a part of the future. Get ready to be amazed. We have one the easiest to use, most portable panoramic cameras in the world. Previously reserved for professional photographers, Camorama brings 360-degree video shooting to the masses bringing 4K quality and significantly lowering the price of entry. No need for multiple cameras! No Stitching! Fast downloading of your media via wifi Editing and sharing available directly from your mobile. Longer than ever record times 90 minutes.

Camorama Specs

Camorama 360 4k specs diagram

not rated Starting at: $299.99 Select options

-Camorama 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Unboxing-

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Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

Inboard M1 urban nigh 1

With so many electric skateboards on the market, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t look exactly like the other. Enter the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard; a stealthy longboard with in-wheel hub motors, integrated front and rear LEDs, all hidden electronics, a quickly swappable battery, ergonomically designed RFLX™ remote and a plethora of other features. When looking up close you’d swear there was stealth fighter technology in the finish of the board’s materials. Does it sound like we’re really fans of the board yet? Good, it’s because we are! Born in Santa Cruz, California, Inboard Skate initially found success on Kickstarter and later while on SharkTank. After trying out a number of electric boards the Inboard M1 offered something different, a more refined experience, “Technology that flows” as they put it. This is Boosted Boards competition and without a doubt another top tier board manufacturer. Does it justify the price tag slightly north of 1k? Premium quality almost always commands a premium price – so yes we think so. The Inboard M1 is the kind of precision engineering and design you’d expect from a Porsche Carrera S, or more fittingly a Tesla Model S. While it may not be the fastest off the line, it just feels awesome getting to top speed without ever feeling unstable in your run. Just like the Tesla’s of today, performance can be unlocked via an easy to do firmware upgrade. In fact a recently released update improved the torque curve down low which added even more get up and go from a stand still. This was just one area we noted on a very short list along with the premium price that might not please potential buyers. Based on feedback from the latest update, many board owners applauded the newer torque curve especially those in city areas where stopping and starting is frequent.

Inboard M1 City Skate

Now admittedly, the Boosted Board V2 has some get up and go thanks to it’s belt driven system, it’s physics, but it’s the kind of get up and go that feels like your buddy slapped your horse on the rear end without warning, it’ll dump you if you’re not careful. Maybe that’s your style and that’s fine, but the feeling of getting to your top speed is consistent and unmatched. Letting go of the throttle and just coasting is such a sense of freedom as the hub motors have little felt resistance or drag, in fact you can very much kick the Inboard M1 around like a normal longboard when the battery runs low or you need to prolong that ride to the next stop. We can appreciate that the only thing we’re swapping is batteries, and not motor belts. Maintenance is next to none. The water resistance rating is a huge plus, fear not going through puddles, however Inboard cautions about riding in the rain. They laid out a simple rule of thumb, if your back wheels are kicking up water constantly, it’s time to stop riding.

Inboard M1 Electric Surf Sports ESS Reflex Remote

Pairing the RFLX™ Remote is a breeze and the design is great for when you’re really carving serious concrete. You can relax your remote hand while riding through sharp turns and not worry about dropping the remote. If that’s not your style, simply take the tail off.

Inboard M1 swappable battery Gif

The range is stated to be between 7-10 Miles and that held true during our tests, riding conditions and mode will obviously affect range. When you’re low on battery simply swap the battery out for a fresh one in 15 seconds or less which is something other board makers haven’t really been able to pull off yet. Florida being flat, really helps too, but hills of 15% grades are no problem for the board. Riding at night is liberating and usually goes with less traffic and cooler nights, and while the headlights don’t really illuminate your path, they certainly make others around you aware of your presence making it a safer experience for all involved. LEDs can be turned on and off via remote for those needing absolute stealth on their bombing mission. The regenerative braking seemed to work well enough. When blasting around at full speed, like any other vehicle, care should be taken to allow time to stop. A common question we receive is in regards to the batteries, and concerns regarding battery safety. Inboard technologies sources their Lithium ion batteries from Samsung, and the batteries are well designed and sealed. To date they have not had any issues with any batteries. The same unfortunately could not be said about Boosted. Rare warranty claims and issues are all easily and efficiently handled by Inboard ensuring consistency in their service experience. Using the Inboard Vision™ Mobile app is a snap, and has some pretty cool features such as applying firmware updates, making support requests and can also act as a remote if your battery dies or you don’t want to carry yet another item on you. The Vision App is currently being developed for Android devices and should be released soon.

Inboard M1 Vision App ESS

All in all, Inboard Technologies has set the bar pretty high for current and future electric skateboard manufacturers. We’re very proud that we were able to secure an Authorized Dealer position with Inboard and have the privilege to offer their amazing products, and offer the kind of service that they would expect for a top tier product company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or sales inquiries. Try before you buy at any of our partnered locations (We’ll update this post when the list is officially up). Shipping is free to most of the United States* see terms and conditions for any shipping restrictions. Current special: FREE helmet with order, pick your desired helmet size and color and use offer code: “CRITICAL” when checking out.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard
Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Carve Concrete with the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard. Inboard has changed the way electric skateboards work and feel. Experience technology that flows.

Get the Inboard M1™, the world’s most innovative electric skateboard.


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NOW with 40% more torque after firmware V2.3 free upgrade!

Financing Available: Financing available through Paypal Credit in our checkout system. New accounts can take advantage of $0 down, $0 per month for the first six months. Please note your payment method will be charged for the full amount at time of checkout.

*Some exceptions apply, see terms and conditions for details.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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Electric Skateboard with swappable batteries
PowerShift™ Battery

No one should have to plan their journey around outlets and chargers. That’s why Inboard has designed the world’s first electric skateboard with swappable battery packs.

The PowerShift battery can be swapped in seconds. The depleted battery can be recharged inside the deck or on its own with a separate charging cable. A full charge can be achieved in about 90 minutes.

Due to domestic and international lithium-ion battery shipping regulations, each additional PowerShift Battery will ship in a separate package if you order with an M1™ Electric Skateboard.

When will my product ship? Due to overwhelming demand, we will provide you with an accurate shipping estimate within 3 business days. If that date does not work, you’re always able to request a full refund, at any time, prior to shipping.

Financing available with PayPal Credit at Check out. 

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-inboard m1 electric skateboard review-

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Bixpy Life Boosted

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Bixpy to be your authorized Florida dealer and distributor. We briefly mentioned Bixpy and the Bixpy Jet in our Surf Expo post. They have developed an amazing and versatile water jet propulsion system that will let you attach to and power virtually anything on the water that needs a boost. Its modular system is designed to propel any standup paddle board or kayak up to 7 MPH and if that wasn’t enough, it even turns into an underwater scooter with the power to pull a diver up to 2.5 MPH!

Check out the video above for an up close look at all the features.

Despite it’s compact size, this thing moves water! We’re excited for all of the possibilities, especially since this is one of the best budget ways to power your SUP’s and get in on the action, whether that’s cruising, fighting the wind and current, or getting out to that fishing hole.



Whether you have a kayak or canoe, inflatable or hard body, Bixpy has you covered with their numerous attachments!


If you have a Hobie Kayak, you’re going to love the adapters made specifically for it.

hobie-mirage-adapter bixpy-hobie-rudder-adapter

These versatile Jets are made for every body of water! When you’re ready to cool off at that secret swimming hole because all of your paddling friends are still busy paddling over, use the SwimJet Battery pack with your Bixpy motor to explore underwater. These are good to 100FT of depth. An alternate air line travel approved 160WH battery option is also available for those that wish to air travel with their Bixpy SwimJets. Featuring a front LED to light up the way, and a standard action camera mount at the top so you can capture your favorite moments on the go.

bixpy-swimjet-gopro swim-jet-pool Swimjet-adventures-electricsurfsports

Technical Specs for the the Bixpy Jet for various configurations.



Please Contact Us if you have any questions.



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Surf Expo 2016

We had a chance to check out Surf Expo this last Saturday and had a blast meeting with new product vendors and brands like BodyGlove, AquaGlide, Sea-Doo and are excited to be working with them to bring you even more awesome products soon. We’re particularly excited about Bixpy a solution for folks that have already purchased a stand up paddleboard or SUP, and would like to power their rigs. This will also work with Kayaks, Canoes and has the added ability to be used an underwater scooter. We look forward to bringing you these exciting products and more as the year comes to a close, and very early next year. Stay tuned for more details!


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Onean Carver Electric Surfboards almost here!

Things are getting hot! Quite literally, as the Onean Carver electric powered surfboards are getting closer to arriving, temperatures are constantly in the 90’s. We can’t think of a better way to spend these hot days than blasting away on a Carver and relaxing in the water afterwards.

We have a few teasers to share including a live unedited action clip demonstrating the thrill of riding a Carver at full speed.

If you have any questions feel free to Contact us.


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Welcome to the world of Electric Surfboards!


Welcome to the world of Electric Surfboards!

This summer in Florida the way we look at surfing will be forever changed.

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Are you a Water sports rental company?

This will surely make your operation standout from the rest, add these electric powered Surfboards to your fleet.

Contact us now for more information.


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