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  • High Aspect Wing – 170 Front

    Front Wing 170 High Aspect


    Fast, efficient

    A great all around wing for multiple disciplines

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  • Liftfoils 100 Surf V2

    Front Wing 100 Surf V2


    Best for: Serious foilers of all kinds, looking for speed and aggressive cuts.

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  • Wing Front - 60 Surf V2

    Front Wing 60 Surf V2


    A specialty wing for big wave tow surfing

    Tested by the world’s top riders as they push the limits on waves and in barrels

    Our fastest wing in the lineup

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  • Wing Front - 300 Surf V2

    Front Wing 300 Surf V2


    The perfect wing to get comfortable foiling– whether surf foiling, eFoiling or sailing

    If you’re teaching eFoiling, with family, friends or as a school this is a must have wing

    Don’t underestimate the 300 Surf, this wing will surprise you, it’s a ton of fun to ride

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