MINICAT 310 Inflatable Sailboat

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The all new MiniCat 310 Sport is newly redesigned! It is a fun and sporty sailboat that fits in a small bag. Offering a combination of performance and price, the 310 Sport is a great value for a solo sailor or an adult with a child. Capable of carrying over 500 pounds and equipping a wide variety of accessories, the 310 is great for apartment dwellers as well as cruisers looking for fun in the sun but limited by storage space.

Scroll down for detailed specifications or contact us to set up a demo of one at our new Lake side facility!

  • Manual \ Assembly instructions
  • USB with Digital Files
  • PVC Repair kit
  • Storage Bag (Can be upgraded to Board bag with wheels)
  • Manufacturer Build Certificate
  • Manual Hand Pump
  • Minicat 310

24-month full product warranty + 7-year boat-skin warranty

Shipping to lower 48 states via Fedex or Freight LTL. Shipping to HI, AK or the Caribbean is possible, please contact us for details. Tracking provided for all orders.

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS – MiniCat models cannot be shipped to the following states due to dealer territory restrictions – Washington, Oregon, Michigan and Maryland.

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minicat 310 sport inflatable sailboat red
  • 3-piece Aluminium Mast – grey & black powder coated
  • Main Sail – 3.75 m2 (no boom)
  • Jib – 1.50 m2
  • Aluminium Rudder
  • Grey Floats pre-fixed to the main frame for rapid assembly
  • Black Main Trampoline fixed with special grab-handles
  • Long Keel Fins – same fixing as with M420 models
  • Super easy and fast assembly
  • Fits in a single bag 1600x320x360 mm, highly portable
minicat 310 short specs

The Minicat 310 Sport is designed for individual sailors who like speed and performance or families seeking a compact and safe boat to have fun with. Ideal as a yacht accessory.

Due to the size and design of the M310, with floats pre-fixed to the main frame with a trampoline, the M310 Sport can be set up in only 15-20 minutes. At just 32.5kg \ 71.5lbs, portability and performance are both optimized. Everything comes in one bag!




Minicat 310 Sport colors


Length3100 mm | 10′ 2″ ft
Width1400 mm | 4′ 7″ ft
Height of the mast3800 mm | 12′ 5″ ft
Weight32.5 kg | 72lbs
Diameter of floats390 mm | 1′ 4″ ft
SailMain Sail+Jib
Main Sail3.75 m2 | 40ft²
Jib1.5 m2 | 16ft²
Trampoline1350×950 mm | 53″ x 37″
Dimensions of the bag1600x320x360 mm | 63″ x 12″ x 14″
Design category‘D’
Carrying capacity250 kg | 550 lbs
Number of persons2 People
Time of assembly / dismantling15-20 min
Hull MaterialHeytex 5509 PVC



The MiniCat 310 frame, to which the floats attach, is produced from light-weight aluminium and the frame parts are powder coated. The trampoline is produced from high strength woven plastic fabric. The frame is attached to the floats by means of welded-on ‘flags’, which are inserted into the pockets on the floats. The design is such that these are pre-fixed to the main frame with trampoline so the assembly time is shortened to the minimum.

The central tube is attached to the underside of the frame and the rudder mechanism is housed at the rear of the tube. At the front of the tube is the anchor-point for the mast line and jib.


The MiniCat is equipped with two inflatable floats 3.15 m length and 39 cm diameter. The floats are made of reinforced Heytex 5509, highly resistant to abrasion and very hard wearing. This material is produced in Germany and production technology was adopted from the production of ‘white-water’ rafts. The floats are single-chamber with a combined load capacity of 240 kg | 550lbs.


To fully enjoy your sailing, you must confidently control your boat. It is imperative to minimize ‘side-sail’, especially when sailing against the wind. To achieve this keel fins were designed to attach under each float. Their design and shape give excellent performance yet still allows the boat to be sailed in very shallow water without the risk of damage.


The mast consists of three sections of equal length, slotted together. The length of the assembled mast is 3.8 m. The mast is from alloy tubing (AIMg 0.7 Si) powder coated grey and black and has a groove for the sail attachment. This construction ensures high rigidity and strength for ultimate safety, performance and enjoyment.


The MiniCat is equipped with a main sail and jib. The total area of the sails is 5.15 sqm (main sail 3.75 sqm, jib 1.40 sqm). The material ‘Dimension Polyant’ is used with a surface density of 175 g/m. The main sail is ‘all-spire’ construction, i.e. without a boom. There are 6 flat spires in the sail. MiniCat Sport is equipped with a ‘jib furler’. The main sail has a window to ensure better visibility while sailing.


The aluminium rudder on the MiniCat is attached to the central tube. The design of the rudder allows it to be raised at a 90-degree angle, so at the shore or in very shallow water there is no danger of damage. The rudder can be locked in both positions, raised or lowered.

The tiller arm is jointed allowing full 360-degree movement.


Fittings from the companies Ronstan, Seasure, Clamcleat and Suchomel are used throughout the MiniCat.
All spare parts and accessories are available. See our SPARE PARTS & ACCESSORIES CATALOGUE



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