LEFEET Floating Fins


The LEFEET Floating Fin makes using your S1 or S1 PRO underwater scooter a little lighter to handle. When the kids want to take the scooter for a spin, pop this fun shark-shaped float on to make for a more enjoyable experience for them. The floating head leads the way and the fin at the top will make you feel cool as a shark as it cuts through the water’s surface. So lighten the load in the funnest way with this Floating Shark Fin by LEFEET.



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LEFEET Floating Shark Fin Features: 

  • Reduces the weight of your LEFEET S1 or S1 PRO underwater scooter
  • Great for kids or just to lighten the load
  • Includes floating shark head, floating tail, and a user manual
  • Fits around S1 and S1 PRO


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