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  • LEFEET Dive Gear Bag

    LEFEET Dive Gear Backpack


    The LEFEET Dive Gear Backpack will help protect and transport your LEFEET unit and accessories. 

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  • LEFEET Scuba Tank Mounts

    LEFEET Scuba Tank Mount


    The LEFEET Scuba Tank Mount provides extra power for scuba divers to roam the seas as they wish.

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  • LEFEET S1 Floating Fins 2

    LEFEET Floating Fins


    The LEFEET Floating Fin makes using your S1 or S1 PRO underwater scooter a little lighter to handle. When the kids want to take the scooter for a spin, pop this fun shark-shaped float on to make for a more enjoyable experience for them. The floating head leads the way and the fin at the top will make you feel cool as a shark as it cuts through the water’s surface. So lighten the load in the funnest way with this Floating Shark Fin by LEFEET.


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  • Ewave V2 6000 Electric Jetboard Blue

    Ewave V2 6000


    No waves, no problem.

    The EWave V2 6000 electric surfboard features a powerful 10K Watt zero emission electric motor, carbon fiber construction and adjustable control cables making for an extremely fast, nimble and precise ride while still being friendly to newcomers in the sport.

    Built in spot for wheels makes it easy to transport to and from the launch point.

    A top speed of 35mph (56km/h) is achievable with ride times varying from 30-40 minutes per charge with mixed use.

    A 2-hour quick charger is included standard with the package.

    Battery life can be monitored with a clean and easy to read LED display on the control handle. 

    Features reserved for premium boards are found throughout in a well bundled package.

    See what makes the Ewave electric jetboard different when you book a lesson or demo with us today!

    Limited stock available in green and blue.

    Shipping to lower 48 states. 3.5% CC fee applies for credit card purchases, billed separately. No fees for ACH or Wire Payment methods. Contact us for details.

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