Awake Ravik 3

Starting at: $11,900.00

The third generation of the electric surfboards from Awake, the Awake RÄVIK 3, is the perfect blend of cruising and race.

The dynamic rocker, centered point-of-buoyancy, and narrow tail of the Awake RÄVIK 3 combine balanced riding characteristics with agile race capabilities so that you don’t need to compromise!

  • Standard Battery Option (15-35 min ride time): $11,900
  • Extended Range Option (25-50 min ride time): $13,900
  • 2 hour speed charger and everything else necessary to hit the water included.
  • Board bag not included, but recommended.


-Awake Power key leash
-Awake Foot Bindings
-Awake Flex Battery Charger (2hrs or less to charge)
-Awake Flex Hand Controller
-Awake Ravik Fins
-Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger

2 year manufacturer warranty

Shipping to lower 48 states via Fedex or Freight LTL. Shipping to HI, AK or the Caribbean is possible, please contact us for details. Tracking provided for all orders.
Delivery Time Frames:
– Available for immediate pickup or shipment.
– Once you place your order we will contact you prior to delivery.
– For board orders inside the US contact us for shipment times, but generally 3 to 6 days transit time to most lower 48 states depending on distance from East Coast but can vary depending on seasonality and holidays.



36 MPH








5´8” X 24.4″ X 10.1″






48LBS + 40/48LBS SR / XR

Designed for action

Awake Boards are designed for jaw-dropping acceleration, high-speed stability, and powder-like carving.

Engineered for a safe ride

Automotive-standard safety systems ensure reliability, for rider safety as well as system functionality.

Ease of use at the core

The modular system, interchangeable batteries and cloud-connectivity ensures ease-of-use.

Become an Awake rider

The 3 series is our entry-level line of electric surfboards and eFoils, carefully developed to accompany new Awakers dreaming about learning and evolving in no time and without hassle.

Easy going – groundbreaking board designs featuring high buoyancy will ensure a very early and soft start as well as forgiving mistakes riders may make during the learning process of their jetboard journey.

Growing with you – the 3 series boards are stable but playful, beginners will get up to speed in only a few minutes and more advanced riders can master the basics and try new maneuvers on electric jetboards.

Powered for fun – even the heaviest learners can experience the high power & safety offered by Awake’s unique shielded linear jet technology.


In just one click you’re ready to send it because no other electric board is set up faster than the Awake RÄVIKs.

Awake’s proprietary Click-to-Ride system means cumbersome hoses, screws, hatches, and cables are replaced by a modular snap-together system. The battery and board are connected in a matter of seconds.

The simplicity of the design also means that the RÄVIKs are easy to maintain.


Ride assured that we’ve thoroughly thought through and finely tuned each and every component with safety in mind: from the numerous firmware safety updates, evolutive rider modes to the fully covered linear jet. And, of course, our signature 4-layer safety-protected Awake Flex batteries that power the electric surfboards.

Indeed, the linear jet system that moves the Awake RÄVIKs across the water is fully covered ensuring that, should a rider fall, they will not make contact with the impeller.

Numerous electronic safety features, such as “return-to-shore” mode or system monitoring, are present to keep both rider and gear safe at all times, before during and after the rides.

Flex system

Different boards, one battery. A key component of Awake’s modular design is the Awake Flex Battery system. This allows you to use any Awake surfboard battery on any Awake eFoil and vice versa in the blink of an eye. Perfect for those who can’t decide between the electric surfboard experience or the eFoil experience – with Awake you get the best of both worlds.

Riders can choose from various foot strap configurations. Strapless freedom of full straps freestyle session? Mount the best combo to enjoy your Awake experience fully.

The new, wireless Awake hand controller, has improved ergonomics, is more intuitive and has the signature dynamite grip. The thumb-controlled throttle on the hand controller makes it possible to precisely adjust and control the speed. 

We’ve improved the motor and impeller to make the drivetrain even more efficient. This means you’ll use less energy – meaning more carves and longer rides!

All awake boards feature our modular plug-and-play system*, consisting of the board, drivetrain, and battery. All modules are interchangeable, so the same battery works on multiple boards, and batteries are easy to exchange, service, and upgrade. 

Functional features

The deck pad was designed for stability and support. Foot strap heel and toe support for maximum grip and comfort. Rear deck pad shape also supports your knees when transitioning from lying down to a standing position. Handles make carrying and transportation easy.

Getting around

The custom-made board bags are designed to store and transport the Awake boards, including accessories, while also protecting all the components. The board bag kits are available and include: board bagcharger bag, and wheels.

Awake App

The Awake App

Riding modes – Awake Boards offer three different riding modes; EcoSport, and ExtremeRemote diagnostics allow for quick and convenient customer support. Firmware updates when performance and safety improvements occur, you can easily update via the Awake App.