Awake Flex Battery SR
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Awake Flex Battery SR
Awake Flex Battery XR

Explore, race, or simply have a great time with friends! The XR (extended range) lithium-ion battery for Awake’s electric surfboard range “RÄVIK”. This battery runs for 25-50 minutes depending on the board model, rider weight, and riding conditions.



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Awake Flex Hand Controller
Awake Flex Hand Controller

The Awake Flex Hand Controller is a wireless device that controls the speed of your board. It can be paired to any Flex BP.

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Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger
Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger

The Awake Flex Hand controller charger offers a well-designed location for your hand controllers when not riding your board.

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Awake Ravik Power Key Leash
Awake Power Key Leash

The magnetic power key leash doubles as a safety mechanism to ensure that the board doesn’t speed off if you fall. Have more than one battery pack? Make sure to order an additional Awake power key leash so that you can charge one battery at the same time as you are riding.

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Awake RÄVIK Wall mount 2
Awake RÄVIK Wall mount

Awake’s custom-made wall mounts are the perfect way to store and/or display your board. No matter if it’s an Awake RÄVIK3 or an Awake RÄVIK S, it deserves to be displayed properly.

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Awake Ravik 3
Awake Ravik 3

The third generation of the electric surfboards from Awake, the Awake RÄVIK 3, is the perfect blend of cruising and race.

The dynamic rocker, centered point-of-buoyancy, and narrow tail of the Awake RÄVIK 3 combine balanced riding characteristics with agile race capabilities so that you don’t need to compromise!

  • Standard Battery Option (15-35 min ride time): $13,900
  • Extended Range Option (25-50 min ride time): $17,400
  • 2 hour speed charger and everything else necessary to hit the water included.
  • Board bag not included, but recommended.

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