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  • Awake Ravik 3

    Awake Ravik 3

    Starting at: $11,900.00
    The third generation of the electric surfboards from Awake, the Awake RÄVIK 3, is the perfect blend of cruising and race.

    The dynamic rocker, centered point-of-buoyancy, and narrow tail of the Awake RÄVIK 3 combine balanced riding characteristics with agile race capabilities so that you don’t need to compromise!

    • Standard Battery Option (15-35 min ride time): $11,900
    • Extended Range Option (25-50 min ride time): $13,900
    • 2 hour speed charger and everything else necessary to hit the water included.
    • Board bag not included, but recommended.


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  • Brabus x Awake Shadow Jetboard

    BRABUS x Awake Shadow Jetboard


    The BRABUS x Awake Shadow Jetboard is the epitome of elite performance. 

    Wrapped in the iconic black and red BRABUS design, the BRABUS x Awake Shadow Jetboard is the ultimate fusion of high-end luxury and unmatched performance.

    Effortlessly elegant and exhilarating, this jetboard promises the pinnacle of jetboarding experiences. Crafted to conquer the water, the Shadow Jetboard delivers an epic combination of power, precision, and striking aesthetics.

    Engineered and tuned to perfection with cutting-edge marine technology, the BRABUS x Awake Shadow Jetboard features robust construction and a sleek, aerodynamic shape that screams performance. Make a statement on the water with the unparalleled Shadow Jetboard.


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