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Bixpy PP-378 Outboard Battery

To turn the Bixpy J-2 Motor into the ultimate trolling motor, we have developed the Bixpy PP-378 Outboard Battery for use in small personal watercraft. This high performance lithium ion battery is fine tuned to get the most out of your J-2 Motor. The battery is extremely lightweight and provides hours of clean, quiet power for your motor. But beyond that, it offers some unique features not commonly found in other marine batteries. The Bixpy Outboard Batteries are fully waterproof and corrosion … Read More

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PP-77-AP – 12V and USB Outdoor Power Bank

Super-charge or run your USB and 12V devices outdoors!!

Plenty of Power Banks on the market can charge your phone, tablet, and even your headlamp. But most don’t have high 12V output for running air pumps, boilers, or even fridges. None are truly designed for outdoor use, none are truly waterproof and none are in hard aluminum casings and offer a 10-year lifespan!

The PP-77-AP provides you with one Super-Fast smart built-in USB outlet and one high-output 12V output.

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