Lift Wing Fuselage 3” Extender


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In an effort to maximize the fine-tuning options on your hydrofoil, we offer the Lift Wing Fuselage 3″ Extender. Simply put, the fuselage extender allows you to lengthen the distance between your front and rear wing, leading to enhanced pitch stability. We refer to pitch stability as the sensitivity of your foil fore and aft (up and down).

This extender leads to a more stable ride, drawn out carves, and allows for a slightly slower pumping cadence. The fuselage extender is a unique way to increase pitch stability, without using a larger tail wing (which creates greater drag).

The fuselage extender works effectively with our back wings with shorter fuselage lengths, like the Carve Series. It also provides maximum ease of use for beginner/intermediate riders with our larger tail wings in the Surf and Glide series.

The fuselage extender is compatible with all Lift wings and can be utilized across all foil disciplines.


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