Radinn Freeride G3 Electric Surfboard

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  • Radinn Freeride Electric Jetboard

    Radinn Freeride Electric Jetboard


    The ultimate all-round product. Fun for beginners and pros alike. The innovative hull design slices through chop and makes it fun to ride in practically any condition. Featuring top speeds of 35 mph and acceleration of 0-25 mph in 3 sec with Pro Jetpack*.

    • Easy to learn and to expand your skill level
    • Perfect all-round board for all water conditions
    • Great agility for all weights
    • Modern design with carbon details

    Power Options:

    – G3 Standard Power (25mph) included at current price
    – G3 Pro Power Upgrade* (35mph) +$1200

    Battery Options:
    – Extended Range battery comes standard with every order

    Extra Options
    – Speed Charger $530 – Reduces charge time to 2.5 hours

    Shipping costs are in addition to price shown.
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