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  • Sale! 2023 Lift3 F 5'4 Iceberg Blue

    Lift 3F eFoil

    Starting at: $7,995.00

    Experience surfing’s newest frontier with the Lift 3F- the original electric hydrofoil surfboard and the world’s smallest personal watercraft, now in a more affordable fiberglass body with two battery options. No wind? No waves? No problem. Over a decade developing and fine-tuning the ultimate foiling experience.
    Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced thrill-seeker, into serene lakes or riding big surf, the Lift 3F eFoil allows you to craft the adventure that’s best for you with an all-electric, silent motor that glides through any body of water at up to 30+ mph.


    Meet the newest member of our family and enjoy endless rides starting at $8,995$7995 with the Lift end of Summer sale! Ends September 18th.

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