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  • Liftfoils Back Wing Trial Program

    Liftfoils Back Wing Trial Program

    Starting at: $295.00

    Electric Surf Sports exclusively offers the only wing trial program for the Liftfoils series of wings, allowing customers to ensure the wings meet your expectations. A great and inexpensive way to try all of the options!

    Choose from the drop option and add to cart. If you’re looking for a Front wing to trial as well click here.

    See below for wing trial terms and conditions.

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  • Lift Front Wing 220 High Aspect X

    Front Wing 220 High Aspect X


    The 220 HA-X showcases an unprecedented level of lift and efficiency, surpassing any wing we’ve previously crafted. It’s the quintessential choice for those embarking on the journey of learning downwind foiling, pumping, and winging in light breezes. It also presents an opportunity to expand your eFoil range into a new stratosphere.

    Even with its large surface area and effortless lift, this wing remains efficient and maneuverable, ensuring riders of all skill levels can appreciate its performance.

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