Liftfoils Front Wing Trial Program

Starting at: $461.00

Electric Surf Sports exclusively offers the only wing trial program for the Liftfoils series of wings, allowing customers to ensure the wings meet your expectations. A great and inexpensive way to try all of the options!

Choose from the drop option and add to cart. If you’re looking for a back wing to trial as well click here.

See below for wing trial terms and conditions.


The highest performance foiling wings on the market, designed for balance, efficiency and versatility.

Try something new without the risk of keeping something you don’t want.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your Front Wing Choice from the drop down. Use your existing back wing, or try a new back wing by clicking here and adding a back wing to the cart from the Liftfoils Back Wing Trial Program as well. An authorization for the amount of the wing is placed on the card.
  2. Each wing shipment will come with a pre-paid return label, first remove the original shipment label from the packaging and apply the pre-paid return label when you’re done testing.
  3. You have up to 28 days to trial the wing(s). Front wings returned by the 14th day are charged a $150 trial fee. Every 7 days after that, an additional $75.00 trial fee is charged, up to the 28th day.
  4. Be sure to drop-off your trial wings with Pre-paid labels for return as soon as you’re finished to avoid incurring additional fees. Wings must be in the mail by the 28th day a trial wing was ordered. Check your order date, and if you’re not sure what date that is, contact us here.
  5. Wings not returned by the 28th day become property of the client that checked out. So if you love your trial wing and want to keep it, there’s nothing to do!

Why trial a Liftfoils wing from us?

  1. Ensure you have the right wing for your needs and it meets your performance expectations. Riders that buy wings and are not happy with the performance often try to sell them for a greater loss.
  2. Avoid waiting to find a buyer of your used wings, and dealing with scammers and low ballers.
  3. Sometimes riders don’t like the feel of a certain wing combination at first and require multiple rides to “fall in love” with a certain style of wing. You have up to 28 days to trial a wing.
  4. Wings used in the wing trial program are new and come with a full 2 year warranty. If you love it, there’s nothing to do but keep it!

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. It’s important that when you’re finished trialing a wing you drop it off to your nearest carreir drop-off location (Fedex Or UPS per pre-paid return label) so it post marks the date \ time it was received by the carrier.
  2. Original shipping charges are non-refundable, but return shipping is not charged as a pre-paid mailer is included (either printed or via email, contact us if you cannot locate it ASAP).
  3. Light scratches are expected and okay, however if they’re deep, If there are dings, chips or cracks, additional charges may apply for the value it takes to repair.
  4. Wing trial orders that are cancelled before they are processed \ shipped – there is no charge, however for orders processed a 3.5% card fee is applied.
  5. Delays by the carriers can happen, if it’s taking longer than 3 days to receive your wings, please contact us so we can adjust the required return date for your wing trial order.
  6. Carriers will require a signature, if you are not available at the time of delivery, please call \ go online with your tracking information and request a hold at the nearest facility to pickup at your convenience.

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