Bixpy your bonafide kayak
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Bixpy Your Bonafide Kayak!

No Drilling. No holes. No hassle!

The Bixpy Pod Adapter for Bonafide kayaks clips into the Dry Pod opening of your Bonafide kayak in a matter of seconds.

The adapter comes with the original Bonafide Dry Pod, allowing you to store and quickly access your gear or personal items.

The Bixpy Jets mounts on the bottom with only a backing plate inside the pod so you lose no space in the Dry Pod and can continue to use it for its intended purpose as you motor in your Bonafide kayak!

The motor is protected by a shield on the front so it will not get damaged with a light impact.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Works with SS107 & SS127
  • Sealed to keep the pod dry
  • Weighs less than 4lbs
  • Original Bonafide pod
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