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  • Zarges Case for Awake Battery

    Zarges Case for Awake Battery


    Protect your valuable Awake batteries! This rugged Zarges case for your Awake battery is based on Zarges’ legendary K470 family of cases. They start with their rugged 40849 case for a single battery and add a fire-retardant foam liner to protect against accidental ignition, and UN HazMat Certification to ensure the robustness and integrity of the case.

    Shipping cost based on lower 48 states. If HI, AK, or a different country, please contact us for custom quote.

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  • Zarges Case

    Zarges Case (Single Battery)


    The rugged Zarges case provides compliance to IMDG, IATA, FAA and 49CFR requirements for safe storage and transportation of Lithium batteries. Zarges fire-resistant cases also carry UN HazMat Certification and protection against dust, moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and cracks.

    Stores 1 battery.

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  • Lift eFoil 2 Battery Case 3

    Lift eFoil Battery Case – 2 Batteries

    Internal Dimensions: 21.65 X 21.65 X 14.96
    External Dimensions: 22.95 X 23.15 X 16.02
    Weight: 17.5 lb
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  • Lift eFoil 3 Battery Case

    Lift eFoil Battery Case – 3 Batteries

    Internal Dimensions: 21.65 X 21.65 X 22.83
    External Dimensions: 22.95 X 23.15 X 23.89
    Clearance Dimensions: 20.63 X 20.63
    Volume: 10701.0 IN3
    Weight: 22.0 lb


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