Radinn Carve Tarifa

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  • Radinn Carve Electric Jetboard

    Radinn Carve Electric Jetboard


    Enhanced hydrodynamics allows for faster and deeper turning. Added binding makes board control effortless, allowing instant pivoting and easy rail-to-rail transitions. Featuring top speeds of 32+ mph and acceleration of 0-25 mph in 3.4 sec with Pro Jetpack*.

    • Performance and carve
    • For advanced riders
    • Highly agile and light

    Power Options:

    – G3 Standard Power (25mph) included at current price
    – G3 Pro Power Upgrade* (35mph) +$1200

    Battery Options:
    – Extended Range battery comes standard with every order

    Extra Options
    – Speed Charger $530 – Reduces charge time to 2.5 hours

    Shipping costs are in addition to price shown.

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