Motorize any kayak with a rudder with Bixpy

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  • bixpy diy adapter

    Bixpy DIY (Do It Yourself) Adapter (J-1)


    If your kayak has a rudder and you would like to motorize it, you can download a DIY rudder template and make your own motorized rudder with the Bixpy DIY Adapter.

    Check out this instructional video on exactly how to do that in minutes. In this video, we install a Bixpy Jet to a rudder from a Viking Kayak. You can attach the Bixpy DIY  Rudder Adapter to virtually any kayak rudder using the same method. You can also use the same method to attach the jets to virtually any fin on any watercraft.


    • Bixpy DIY Adapter
    • All hardware required to attach to kayaks and canoes
    • Wire to run to your Bixpy Outboard Power Pack
    • Instructions

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