Minicat 460 Sailboat

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  • minicat 460 inflatable sailboat

    MINICAT 460 Inflatable Sailboat

    Starting at: $8,950.00

    The MiniCat 460 is the largest and fastest in the MiniCat lineup. It fits a wide range of functionality with the ability to mount an outboard and a total weight capacity of 1,234 pounds! This is a great family sailboat, with a focus on speed and performance. It’s also a great day sailor when you want to carry more weight and make better speed, especially in light winds. This boat turns into an absolute rocket ship when put into capable hands. The MiniCat 460 is a great value in performance beach cats.

    The MiniCat 460 comes in 2 different trim levels: Esprit and Elite. All 460 models include a continuous line jib furler, traveler, and boomless mainsail. You can learn more about each trim level below or contact us to set up a demo of one at our new Lake side facility!

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