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  • minicat 420 inflatable sailboat evoque blue

    MINICAT 420 Inflatable Sailboat

    Starting at: $6,750.00

    The MiniCat 420 is our best selling MiniCat model. It fits a wide range of functionality with the ability to mount an outboard and a total weight capacity of 992 pounds! This is the perfect family sailor. Easy enough for a few kids to manage, but turns into a rocket ship when put into capable hands. The MiniCat 420 is the best value in sailing. Period. It will only fly a hull when you want it to and will ghost along efficiently in the lightest of air.

    The MiniCat 420 comes in 5 different trim levels: Instinct, Emotion, Evoque, Laura Dekker Edition, and All Carbon Exclusive. All 420 models include a continuous line jib furler. You can learn more about each trim level below or contact us to set up a demo of one at our new Lake side facility!

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