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  • efoil stand

    LIFT eFoil Stand


    Hand-crafted wooden stand, designed to make servicing your LIFT eFoil more convenient. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. This stand will fit all wing and board configurations. Proudly made in Puerto Rico.

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  • Lift LCS Jet

    LIFT LCS Jet Kit


    Merging the groundbreaking technologies of our Lift Jet and LCS (Lift Connect System), the LCS Jet sets a new standard in eFoil propulsion, offering unparalleled versatility, performance, and the quietest ride yet. Combining the efficiency and safety of the Lift Jet with our tool-less Lift Connect System, allowing riders to seamlessly switch propulsion options within seconds. 

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  • Lift3 eBox

    Lift3 eBox (Gens. 3, 2,1)


    The eBox is the brain of the eFoil. It is ready to install into the board’s hatch compartment, so you can plug in and ride. It comes complete with cooling line connections, mounting plate, power connector, and data cable.

    Make sure to specify your board model and size to ensure you order the right eBox. (Example: LIFT3, 4’9″)

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  • Lift4 eBox

    Lift4 eBox


    The Lift4 eBox is the brain of the Lift4 eFoil. It is ready to install into the board’s hatch compartment and comes complete with cooling line connections, mounting plate, power connector, and data cable so you can plug in and ride.

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  • Lift4

    Starting at: $11,995.00

    eFoiling, Perfected

    With the LIFT4, we’ve taken every piece of the eFoil experience and perfected it to the Lift Foils standard.
    Fast Charging – 30 minutes to full charge on the Gen4 Light Battery, 50 minutes on the Gen4 Full Range Battery, to keep you out on the water.
    Carbon Fiber Latches – New ergonomic shape & precision tensioning to automatically regulate hatch pressure, making it easier to open and close in all conditions.
    Updated Hand Controller – Precise throttle and power control, upgraded for ruggedness and extreme-use scenarios, plus new safety features.
    Battery Ergonomics – A new rugged, lab-tested housing, featuring an ergonomic handle and new rubber feet.

    Financing available with
    AFFIRM, up to 0% APR for 12 months.


    Meet the newest member of our family and enjoy endless rides starting at $11,995!

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  • Liftfoils 100 Surf V2

    Front Wing 100 Surf V2


    Best for: Serious foilers of all kinds, looking for speed and aggressive cuts.

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  • 72 LCX

    Front Wing 72 LCX


    The 72 LCX is built to chase monsters. Developed with feedback from Laird Hamilton and Benny Ferris, the goal of this wing was simple: to allow them to ride the biggest waves in the world with control.

    Don’t let the surface area fool you; the top end on this wing is higher than the 60 Surf V2. Low camber and modest surface area allow for mind-melting speeds with plenty of stability and control.

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