Zarges Case
Zarges Case (Single Battery)

The rugged Zarges case provides compliance to IMDG, IATA, FAA and 49CFR requirements for safe storage and transportation of Lithium batteries. Zarges fire-resistant cases also carry UN HazMat Certification and protection against dust, moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and cracks.

Stores 1 battery.

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Lift eFoil 3 Battery Case
Lift eFoil Battery Case – 3 Batteries
Internal Dimensions: 21.65 X 21.65 X 22.83
External Dimensions: 22.95 X 23.15 X 23.89
Clearance Dimensions: 20.63 X 20.63
Volume: 10701.0 IN3
Weight: 22.0 lb


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