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  • Lift LCS Folding Aluminum Propeller


    Do you have the LCS Propeller Kit and want another propeller option? Then this is for you! The Lift LCS Folding Aluminum Propeller is designed with a tapered hub and an increased pitch angle on the blades, for increased efficiency, less drag, and optimal performance. You can feel the difference on the first ride!

    The LCS Folding Aluminum Propeller’s two blades are designed to rapidly fold back when you release the throttle on the hand controller, reducing drag through the water. This added efficiency allows you to substantially preserve battery life while using the power of the surf to glide and fly.

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  • Data Cable - ODU (8-pin)

    Data Cable – ODU (8-pin)


    Date cable that connects the eBox to the battery. This cable is specifically used on batteries and eBoxes with ODU (8-pin) connector ports*.

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  • eFoil folding prop

    eFoil Folding Prop


    Lift’s innovative folding propeller for the eFoil allows a rider to release the throttle and glide into the swells. The eFoil folding prop has two blades which rapidly fold back, reducing drag through the water when no power is applied. The two-blade configuration is extremely efficient.



    Note: if used without a prop guard, this propeller can be dangerous and is for advanced riders only! Riding with a propeller without a protective cover greatly increases the risk of injury and/or death.


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  • Wing Front - 200 Surf V2

    Front Wing 200 Surf V2


    A great beginner wing for prone foiling that will grow with you

    A universal wing with an emphasis on balance and stability

    A stable wing with lots of potential when riding with a sail in your hands

    For eFoiling, the Lift 200 Surf V2 is what we call our “bread and butter.” Foiling is not about going fast or slow, its about the balance under your feet and the glide

    Try a few different tail wings for different experiences, larger for more stable and smaller for less drag.

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  • Wing Front - 250 Surf V2

    Front Wing 250 Surf V2


    The big brother to the 200 Surf V2

    If you’re a larger rider and need some extra float and stability, this is a great option.

    For eFoiling, this wing can offer a lot more stability and riding at lower speeds.

    Pair with a shorter board to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds.

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