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  • 110 High Aspect X

    Front Wing 110 High Aspect X


    The 110 High Aspect X is our highest aspect wing to date. It’s as fast as the 90 HA with the pump of the 120 HA. If you have the skills to master this wing, it will provide unmatched pumping and downwind efficiency.

    It demands to be ridden at a quick pace, but the glide it gives in return is relentless. This wing is sure to win a downwind race or two.

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  • High Aspect Wing – 120 Front

    Front Wing 120 High Aspect


    Ideal for 1’ to 10’ faces, this is a wing for serious foilers

    Pump out at blazing speeds and high efficiency

    Excellent turning for surfing and sailing

    Built with a specialty premium carbon fiber for ultimate rigidity at a small size.

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  • 150 High Aspect X

    Front Wing 150 High Aspect X


    The 150 High Aspect X has been our most anticipated and requested wing to date. The ace of spades for downwind foiling enthusiasts. This wing has the speed of the 120 HA with the pump (or more) of the 170 HA.

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