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  • Radinn Extended Range Battery

    Radinn Extended Range Battery


    The Radinn Extended Range Battery offers approximately 45 minutes* of riding time. This battery is compatible with all jetboard models.

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  • Radinn Universal Charger

    Radinn Universal Charger


    The Radinn Universal charger is an all-in-one device fitting any EU or US electrical outlet and offers three charging modes: Low, High, and Optimization.

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  • Radinn Wireless Hand Controller

    Radinn Wireless Hand Controller


    Adjust the speed and acceleration of your jetboard with smooth and precise control. The Radinn Wireless Hand Controller is designed with an easy-to-use thumb throttle, an unobtrusive LED interface to indicate the battery and the remote’s state of charge, and a vibration function to alert you when the battery is low and it’s time to come back to shore.

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  • Radinn Board Leash

    Radinn Board Leash


    The Radinn Board Leash operates as a safety strap that turns the jetpack off when you fall in the water. The leash velcros around your ankle and attaches to the jetboard via a magnetic kill switch. When you come off while riding, the strap disconnects and the board automatically turns off.

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  • Radinn FCS II Fin Set

    Radinn FCS II Fin Set


    Bring stability to your rides with the easy-to-install Radinn FCS II Fin Set, designed for extra control when turning and wave-riding.

    Included in the Accessories Case that comes with every complete jetboard package.

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  • Radinn Starter Strap

    Radinn Starter Strap


    The Radinn Starter Strap is intended for beginners who are newer to jetboarding as a way to easily get started.

    Loop this strap around the nose of your board for added balance and stability.

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  • Radinn G3 Footstrap Package

    Radinn G3 Footstrap Package


    Keep your stance strong with Radinn G3 Footstrap Package, which lock your feet into place on the jetboard. Comes with a pair of adjustable straps in either small to medium OR large to extra-large.

    No tools are needed to secure straps in place, making switchups in the water a breeze.

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  • Radinn Jetpack G3 Standard

    Radinn Jetpack G3 Standard


    With a top speed of 44 kmh / 27 mph* on the Freeride and X-Sport and 42 kmh / 26 mph* on the Carve, the Radinn Jetpack G3 Standard is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders, or those looking for a more relaxing riding experience. The G3 Standard is virtually silent, compatible with all Radinn jetboards, and connects digitally to the Radinn app for remote software upgrades.

    **Can be upgraded to Pro version of Jetpack for $995 which allows speeds up to 35mph with “Pro” mode activated. Contact us for details when purchasing.

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