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  • Wing Front - 150 Surf V2

    Front Wing 150 Surf V2


    The 150 Surf V2 is an all-around performance wing. Push it hard or slow it down, carve a tight turn or go for glide, this wing performs in any environment. If you’re looking for maximum pumping efficiency then you might want to try the high aspect wings, but this wing can carve a much harder turn and will still pump back out the lineup with a little more effort.

    For our eFoil riders, the 150 V2 has a perfect wingspan to match this year’s board lineup. An excellent choice for the sportier eFoil riding. It offers excellent speed, carving and efficiency. A shop favorite!

    Best for: Foilers looking for an excellent all-around and sporty wing versus a specialty usage.

    Aspect Ratio: 6.5

    Area: 150 in ^2 / 965 cm^2


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  • Wing Front - 200 Surf V2

    Front Wing 200 Surf V2


    A great beginner wing for prone foiling that will grow with you

    A universal wing with an emphasis on balance and stability

    A stable wing with lots of potential when riding with a sail in your hands

    For eFoiling, the Lift 200 Surf V2 is what we call our “bread and butter.” Foiling is not about going fast or slow, its about the balance under your feet and the glide

    Try a few different tail wings for different experiences, larger for more stable and smaller for less drag.

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