Bixpy Sup Jet

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  • Bixpy SUP Adapter US Fin Box

    Bixpy SUP Fin Adapter (J-1)


    If you already have your Bixpy Jet from another kit and would like to attach your motor to your standup paddle board, this is what you’ll need. Don’t forget, if you don’t have a Bixpy Outdoor Power Pack, you’ll need to get one of those as well.


    • Bixpy SUP fin (Choose required version; US or Standard Fin Box)
    • All hardware required
    • Wire to run to your Bixpy Battery Box
    • Instructions
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  • Bixpy 12V Auxiliary Cable

    Bixpy 12V Auxiliary Cable


    Expected release date is March 2017

    Your Bixpy Outboard Battery Box has a 12V outlet for you to plug in your fish finder or other 12V electronics. This cable allows you to do just that and keep everything water tight.


    • Waterproof connector with cap
    • 6′ double core cable
    • Bare positive(red)/negative(black) tips
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    5V USB Charger Cable


    Another great feature of your Bixpy Outboard Battery box is this handy USB charger port. It is a great feature for when your phone or tablet is running low on battery whether on water or land.

    Keep in mind, the USB port is NOT water proof and you should keep it dry at all times and the output is only 1 amp, which means slow charges. This is to preserve your battery for use with your Bixpy Jet and primarily serves as an emergency charger.


    • Waterproof connector with cap
    • 6″ USB cable
    • Connector cap for when not in use
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