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  • Flat Surface Bracket J-1 and J-2 Motors

    Flat Surface Bracket (K-1 and J-2 Motors)



    The Flat Surface Bracket allows you to take your DIY projects to a new level. Using this piece, you can mount your Bixpy Motor to virtually any flat surface you can imagine. All you need is 4 bolts or screws!

    This is a great tool for pod mounts on kayaks or a variety of other applications where you need to vertically attach the Bixpy Motor to a flat surface.

    If you have a J-2 Motor, this adapter will simply attach directly to your J-2 motor. J-1 Motors will require a Standard Attachment to adapt to the motor before attaching this adapter.

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  • Bixpy Extension Cable

    Bixpy Extension Cable

    Starting at: $35.00

    The Bixpy Extension Cord allows you to place your Outboard Battery Pack further from your motor. If you would like to store your battery in the front hatch of your kayak or Standup Paddle Board or simply want the battery further from your motor, this is what you’ll need. Like any other extension cord, you can plug multiple cords together to achieve a desired length.

    It is important to remember that extension cords do reduce the efficiency of the system, specially at higher speeds. So buy the shortest cable you need for your purpose. There is roughly a 1% to 4% power loss with a 4.5 ft extension cord and a 2% to 8% power loss with the 9 ft cable.

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