Best folding electric bike 2021

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  • Jupiter Bike Discovery X7 Left angle

    JupiterBike Discovery X7 Folding Electric Bike


    Sleek design meets compact functionality with the JupiterBike Discovery X7 folding electric bike. Featuring a 40+ mile range on a single charge, full electric throttle and pedal assist systems to ride your way. A compact tri-folding weight of 48 lbs makes the Discovery X7 the perfect bike for just that – exploring and discovering new areas. The strong and lightweight magnesium alloy frame makes for a very rugged and sturdy ride, it feels and handles like a much bigger bike with it’s 20 inch wheels, and 6 speed gears. A weight limit of 275lbs, the bike is great for all, big or small. Fenders included. Top speed based on rider weight, tire psi and terrain.*

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  • JupiterBike Summit Folding Electric Mountain Bike left angle

    JupiterBike Summit Folding Electric Mountain Bike


    SpeedĀ And Endurance

    Built for speed. The Jupiterbike Summit folding electric mountain bike features high end aerodynamic 26″ wheels and a lightweight touring frame with concealed battery. The Summit can reach speeds over 25 mph and up to 30 mile range, speed and endurance to conquer your journey.

    Online only. We do not carry this bike in our showroom.



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