nano 8' inflatable stand up paddleboard iSUP
Nano 8′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard iSUP

The Nano 8′ inflatable stand up paddleboard iSUP is for smaller adventurers starting out. Its 8’ length and rounded hull make it easier to control and require less exertion to paddle. the NANO was designed with smaller humans (i.e. smaller adults) in mind and is generally more simple to maneuver than longer boards. The ratio of length to width to thickness makes this an incredibly stable board, which means less tipping over! This design is great for use in surf or flat water.

The Whole Package

Our bundle comes with everything you’ll need paddling any body of water.

  • -NANO 8’ virtually indestructible inflatable paddleboard
  • -Textured foam deck pad for comfort and stability
  • -Three-piece incredibly lightweight aluminum adjustable paddle
  • -Three nylon fins for increased control over steering
  • -Sleek black manual pump for inflating your board
  • -Repair kit in case you have any mishaps
  • -This board has a weight limit of 140 lbs


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