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  • LEFEET Battery

    LEFEET S1/S1 PRO Battery


    Enjoy additional run time of your LEFEET unit with an additional LEFEET S1/S1 PRO Battery.

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  • Sale! Freediving - Scuba Booster Strap Kit

    LEFEET Freediving / Scuba Booster Strap Kit


    Fix LEFEET S1 on both sides of your legs using the Freediving / Scuba Booster Strap Kit, and transform into “Superman”.

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  • Radinn Wireless Hand Controller

    Radinn Wireless Hand Controller


    Adjust the speed and acceleration of your jetboard with smooth and precise control. The Radinn Wireless Hand Controller is designed with an easy-to-use thumb throttle, an unobtrusive LED interface to indicate the battery and the remote’s state of charge, and a vibration function to alert you when the battery is low and it’s time to come back to shore.

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  • Radinn Board Leash

    Radinn Board Leash


    The Radinn Board Leash operates as a safety strap that turns the jetpack off when you fall in the water. The leash velcros around your ankle and attaches to the jetboard via a magnetic kill switch. When you come off while riding, the strap disconnects and the board automatically turns off.

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  • Radinn FCS II Fin Set

    Radinn FCS II Fin Set


    Bring stability to your rides with the easy-to-install Radinn FCS II Fin Set, designed for extra control when turning and wave-riding.

    Included in the Accessories Case that comes with every complete jetboard package.

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  • Radinn Starter Strap

    Radinn Starter Strap


    The Radinn Starter Strap is intended for beginners who are newer to jetboarding as a way to easily get started.

    Loop this strap around the nose of your board for added balance and stability.

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  • Radinn Complete Accessories Case

    Radinn Complete Accessories Case


    Radinn Accessories Case contains the Wireless Hand Remote and Charger, Board Leash, one set of FCS II fins, Rinse Bottle, and Product Manual, complete in a neoprene Radinn carrying case.


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  • Radinn G3 Footstrap Package

    Radinn G3 Footstrap Package


    Keep your stance strong with Radinn G3 Footstrap Package, which lock your feet into place on the jetboard. Comes with a pair of adjustable straps in either small to medium OR large to extra-large.

    No tools are needed to secure straps in place, making switchups in the water a breeze.

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  • Liftfoils Carbon Fiber Nose Guards

    Liftfoils Carbon Fiber Nose Guards


    Having sold hundreds of eFoils we noticed a trend, that trend was, and still is, the potential for nose damage. By partnering with Foil Factory, we now have added protection for your Lift Efoil investment. A noseguard made of multiple layers of pure carbon fiber. Custom fit per brand of board and model specific. These noseguards are designed for everyday use, as well as added protection in the event of a collision. We can have it installed locally in South Florida. However, you do not need to bring us your board for installation as each noseguard comes with an installation kit including step by step instructions.

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  • bixpy pp 378 Outboard Battery V4

    Bixpy PP-378 Outboard Battery V4 (Black Friday)


    SKU: BA-OBB-2103 | UPC: 00858457007505

    To turn the Bixpy K-1 or J-2 Motor into the ultimate trolling motor, we have developed the Bixpy Outboard Battery for use in small personal watercraft. This high performance lithium ion battery is fine tuned to get the most out of your K-1 or J-2 Motor. The battery is extremely lightweight and provides hours of clean, quiet power for your motor. But beyond that, it offers some unique features not commonly found in other marine batteries.

    BIXPY BLACK FRIDAY SALE – 15% OFF Good until 11/27

    The Bixpy Outboard Batteries are fully waterproof and corrosion resistant in addition to being buoyant, so in the inevitable event of a kayak or SUP flip or large waves, the last thing you need to worry about is your battery getting wet or falling into the water. The slender body design of the PP-378 allows for a variety of storage and carry options. In most fishing kayaks, the batteries can easily fit under the seats. They can also be strapped to fishing crates, stored in kayak bellies or inside most fishing kayak hatches.

    Battery output is controlled via a sealed, waterproof, buoyant, wireless controller that can be worn on your wrist or carried anywhere else on your boat. In addition, the Bixpy Outboard Batteries offer a 5V and 12V outlet for charging or running your personal electronics on board.

    *Disclaimer: This is the version 4 of the PP-378 Outboard Battery, and it will only work with bluetooth remotes that come with the version 4 PP-378. The V4 has white lights on the battery and is also sold with the K-1 Outboard Kits. If you have a remote for a battery that does not have white lights, it will not work. The remotes that are sold with the PP-768 Batteries are also compatible with the version 4 PP-378 Batteries.

    You can update your Bixpy PP-378 battery (version 4 with white lights) and remote with the newest firmware by using our Bixpy App. Click here to download the app in the Apple Store and click here to download the app in Google Play.

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  • Lift LCS Folding Aluminum Propeller Kit


    Introducing the Lift Connect System (LCS). This innovative system allows users to quickly install or swap the tail cone, shroud, and propeller with ease, and without the need for tools.

    The LCS propellers are designed with reduced weight, a tapered hub, and an increased pitch angle on the blades, for increased efficiency, less drag, and optimal performance.

    Sharing your Lift eFoil with family and friends? Or have the conditions shifted from flat water to swells? The LCS components allow you to customize your ride effortlessly, while sharing the stoke with everyone.

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  • LIFT remote v2

    Lift eFoil Hand Controller


    This updated hand controller features ruggedized sealing and battery contacts, an upgraded trigger and spring assembly, and new data readouts.

    The contorller is waterproof (IP68) with a custom handheld design featuring wireless Bluetooth 5, sophisticated trigger actuation, a display screen which allows you to adjust the settings of your board, and an adjustable hand strap.

    The Liftfoils hand controllers are shipped with (2) AA batteries, for more than 40 hours of ride time. Ready to pair to your board and fly!

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  • Data Cable - ODU (8-pin)

    Data Cable – ODU (8-pin)


    Date cable that connects the eBox to the battery. This cable is specifically used on batteries and eBoxes with ODU (8-pin) connector ports*.

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  • Data Cable - Fischer (5-pin) 2

    Data Cable – Fischer (5-pin)


    Data cable that connects the eBox to the battery. This cable is specifically used on batteries and eBoxes with Fischer (5-pin) connector ports*.

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  • Liftfoils 5-pin Fischer to 8-pin ODU cable



    Lift eFoil Adapter Data Cable that connects the eBox to the battery. This male-to-male cable specifically provides compatibility between ODU (8-pin) and Fischer (5-pin) eBoxes and batteries.

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  • Awake Flex Hand Controller

    Awake Flex Hand Controller


    The Awake Flex Hand Controller is a wireless device that controls the speed of your board. It can be paired to any Flex BP.

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