The M1 Just Got Better

The M1 Just Got Better. Again.

The M1 Just Got Better

The M1 just got better. Again. We’re proud to announce the release of Inboard M1 Firmware 2.2, Inboard's biggest upgrade to the M1 yet. Over the past several months, They have released 3 performance-enhancing firmware updates for the M1, and this one by far has the most to offer. They have made adjustments to braking behavior, improved thermal management, and enabled a collection of new features accessible from the Vision App.

To upgrade your M1 now, download or update to the newest version of Vision for iOS, pair your phone to the M1, and update your firmware from the Vision App. First time upgrading? Watch the M1 Firmware Update Tutorial.

We’re working on Vision for Android, so if you do not have an iPhone, we strongly recommend borrowing one from a friend, downloading Inboard Vision and updating. The process only takes minutes and will add a host of new features and improvements to the M1.

Firmware 2.2 Features


Thermal Management

For riders in warmer climates, we’ve improved the overall thermal management within the Manta Drive motors. The amount of time you have full acceleration before reaching thermal limits is now increased. When initial thermal limits are reached, acceleration is smoothed to gradually reduce torque, rather than an instant cutoff. This means you can ride longer and harder before reaching thermal limits.

This improvement compliments a feature from the previous update, where we refined torque falloff for the Manta Drive. This makes the transition from accelerating or braking to gliding feel much smoother and more predictable.


Braking has been adjusted to maintain performance during temperature limiting. This can happen during a long, continuous run over flat terrain or while riding on hot pavement. To improve safety, the M1 now allows braking at far higher temperatures than the limits for acceleration. This means that, on the rare occasion when the motors get too hot, the ability to accelerate will be limited long before the ability to brake.


We’ve added an M1 odometer feature that will start recording total ride distance from the moment M1 Firmware 2.2 is installed. Distance stats can be viewed in the Vision App. Currently the odometer feature is accurate to the nearest mile, rounded down.

Riding Modes

With M1 Firmware 2.2, you can now switch between beginner, intermediate (eco), and advanced riding modes directly from the app. Custom mode, where the rider will be able to set custom values for acceleration and top speed, is still in development and will be available soon.

New Pairing Procedure

After installing this update, riders can use an alternative pairing procedure to pair the M1 to the RFLX Remote or Vision App. To pair, lay the board on a flat surface with the wheels up and firmly knock three times in a row anywhere on the deck near the rear truck. This will put the board into pairing mode and allow it to pair with the RFLX Remote or Vision App. If desired, you can continue to use the old ‘tap and hold’ pairing procedure

Other Improvements

  • The temperature warning LED flash pattern can now be toggled on and off
  • The non-critical error LED flash pattern now displays for a shorter amount of time

Included Improvements from Previous Updates

  • Increased torque for better acceleration and hill climbing. The M1 will now utilize a steeper acceleration curve, which means riders will experience improved off-the-line acceleration and better uphill performance, especially at lower speeds.
  • Idle PowerShift Battery life extended. This fix addresses a bug where the M1 would prematurely drain a connected PowerShift Battery, even when the M1 was off. This fix significantly reduces idle M1 battery drain, but does not completely eliminate it. We still recommend completely removing the PowerShift Battery when the M1 is not in use, especially for long periods of time.
  • PowerShift Battery charge level reporting improved. This fix improves the accuracy of measuring the remaining charge in your PowerShift Battery and also fixes a bug that was generating false low battery warnings in certain riding situations.
  • More consistent top speed for all riding modes. This fix improves the regulation of maximum speed in all three riding modes while riding on a flat surface. Acceleration is now completely disabled once the M1 reaches the top speed for the set riding mode.
  • Torque falloff for the Manta Drive has been further refined to make the transition from accelerating or braking to gliding feel much smoother and more predictable.
  • The M1 will now run a critical hardware safety check every time the board is turned on. This will test the functionality of critical temperature sensors, motor drive circuitry, and Bluetooth components. If any critical components are found to be faulty, both M1 tail LEDs will alternate a quick flashing pattern for 1 minute and then put the M1 into sleep mode. The M1 will not be rideable in this state. If errors are found to be non-critical, front and rear LEDs will alternate a quick flashing pattern, and then M1 will operate as normal.
  • The intermittent issue where only one Manta Drive wheel spins when throttle is applied without anyone on the board is now fixed.

To upgrade your M1 now, download or update to the newest version of Vision for iOS, pair your phone to the M1, and update your firmware from the Vision App. Need help? Watch the M1 Firmware Update Tutorial or contact us at

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