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SWAGTRON Swagsurf Electric Jetboard

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It’s time to retire your boogie boards and rafts, because the Swagsurf Electric Jetboard is the ultimate game changer for any waterside rendezvous this summer.

Great for all skill levels. Compact, lightweight and easy to transport. No waves are necessary to have a blast when riding the SwagSurf.

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Not everyone has the luxury of living near the coast with easy access to the perfect swell.

Are you hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean? Looking to spice up your summer in a city where the closest body of water is a flat lake or boring river? Want to surf like a pro but there aren’t any waves? The Swagsurf answers the call.

This inflatable, jet-powered electric surfboard allows you to rip, slash, carve and cruise, turning nearly any body of water into an aquatic playground.

Designed to be durable and compact, this motorized surfboard is foldable and inflatable, making it easy to store and transport. No roof rack or garage? No problem. Swagsurf can fit easily in an apartment or the trunk of a car making it the perfect complement to any city dweller’s weekend warrior lifestyle.

Ready to beat the heat? Grab the Swagsurf, chart a course for the nearest river, pond or lake, and get ready to make your own waves.

Instead of wasting time and energy manually pumping, save your sweat with the surfboard’s electric pump (included) to automatically inflate your board within minutes, going from compact to ready to ride.

Relax and gently glide through serene, sparkling pools, get your heart racing as you rip upstream against rough waters or explore reclusive coves with friends and family. Experience it all, whether you’re looking for adrenaline on the water or a peaceful respite. A floating, waterproof, wireless remote puts throttle control in the palm of your hand, allowing you to surf at your own speed.

Featuring a handheld steering strap and hydrofoil for control and maneuverability, the Swagsurf is perfect for just about anybody, whether you are a beginner, a pro surfer or a furry, four-legged co-pilot. Thanks to a quiet-yet-powerful brushless jet surf engine, you can rip over the water without drowning out the blissful sounds of your surroundings.

The 2,800-watt motor can last up to 45 minutes per charge (depending on rider weight) thanks to a long-lasting lithium ion battery. A sealed, waterproof, insulated battery compartment is easily accessible when it’s time to recharge or swap in a fresh battery (sold separately), and a safe-stop feature cuts power if you bail via a magnetic kill switch that attaches to the ankle leash.

You don’t have to live near the ocean, hop on a plane or even spend hours in the car to make the most of your summer vacation. The Swagtron Swagsurf gives you the power to make your own waves.

Resilient Material
The Swagsurf is reinforced with strong drop stitch fabric, PVC and EVA material for sturdy operation in a variety of water conditions and supports riders up to 200 lbs.

Electric Pump
Use the electric pump to automatically inflate the Swagsurf up to 25 PSI (14 recommended, depending on rider weight) for total buoyancy.

Brushless DC Motor
The surfboard’s quiet yet powerful DC motor can speed up to 4,650 rpm at 2,798.4W.

Detachable Battery
Easily detach the surfboard’s li-ion battery to recharge or swap it with a fully charged one (sold separately) to extend the duration of your aquatic adventures.

Hydrofoil Design
The mast and wing of the hydrofoil creates lift and reduces overall water resistance for ultra-smooth surfing.

12.5 Miles per Hour
This motorized surfboard is capable of speeds up to 12.5 MPH for up to 45 minutes depending on rider weight.

Handheld Remote
A floating, waterproof, wireless remote comes pre-paired and includes wrist straps to put throttle control in the palm of your hand.

Safety Kill Switch
For rider safety, the surfboard’s motor immediately disengages whenever you fall off or when the remote is out of range from the board.

Low Battery Indicator
The battery indicator atop your Swagsurf’s battery helps you keep track on battery life until it’s time to recharge it or swap it out.

One Year Warranty
The Swagsurf Inflatable Electric Surfboard is backed with a one-year warranty to protect against manufacture defects and guarantee you a riveting surfing experience.

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