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Bixpy Kayak Jet – Universal Kayak / Canoe


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With the Bixpy Universal Kayak/Canoe attachment, you can attach your Bixpy Jet to virtually any kayak, canoe or similar watercraft. The aluminum pipes will adjust to accommodate virtually any length, and the mechanism includes an ingenious adjustment arm to accommodate a wide variety of slopes in the back of various kayaks. 

This kit also includes a complete steering mechanism that runs along the side of your watercraft to a joystick that allows you to steer the motor for full control of your kayak. As every kayak is slightly different in shape and configuration, you will have to do a little bit of installation with this kit, but rest assured, the kit comes complete with all the nuts and bolts you’ll need and complete instructions.

A Bixpy Jet can boost your kayak to speeds of up to 7 MPH (11 km/h), with 10 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. You control your Bixpy Jet with a wireless remote that is included with every Outboard Battery Pack.


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  • One Bixpy Jet Motor
  • Bixpy Outboard Battery Box
  • Bixpy Wireless Remote Control
  • Adjustable attachment designed to fit virtually any kayak, canoe or other small watercraft

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Weight and Size:
10 lb (4.6 kg)
10 speeds forward and 3 speeds in reverse
Battery status:
6 LED indicator on box
Charge time:
1 hour of continuous use at top speed, up to 6 hours at slow speed
Attaches to most kayaks and canoes
High quality magnetic kill leash for emergency shut-off
Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and components
Water use:
Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use
Additional features:
Battery box includes outlets for USB and 12V Auxiliary power (for fish finders and other electronics)

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