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  • Bixpy Adjustable V-ARM Steering Bracket 2

    Bixpy Adjustable V-ARM Steering Bracket


    This rugged accessory is the ultimate DIY Steering Bracket. Depending on your installation and setup, you may need to move your steering wing up or down along the motor shaft.

    The Adjustable V-ARM™ Steering Bracket gives you full range of motion and adjusts to provide responsive and fine tuned steering.

    You can install this adapter with the steering eyelets pointed up or down for more adjustability.

    The center hole is designed specifically for the Bixpy J-2 Motor shafts with a 1″ outside diameter.


    • Adjustable V-ARM™ Steering Bracket
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  • Bixpy Pole Steering Bracket 2

    Bixpy Pole Steering Bracket


    The Bixpy Pole Steering Bracket can be used with any of the Bixpy Adapters that offer a 1″ vertical pipe (the blue pipes).

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  • J-2 Kare Kit

    J-2 Motor Kare Kit



    The Kare Kit for the Bixpy J-2 Motor is the ideal emergency kit to always have on board.

    It includes the Fine Grill Bixpy Propeller Guard, a spare propeller, a CR2032 Battery battery cell for your remote and a 5ml tube of multi-purpose di-electric grease to protect your connector.


    • 1 PowerShroud™ Propeller Guard – Fine Grill
    • 1 Bixpy PowerShroud™ Propeller
    • 1 CR2032 – Outboard Remote Battery
    • 1 5ml tube of multi-purpose di-electric grease


    Click here for installation of the Propeller Guard Grill
    Click here to best practices on mating your connectors


    * Propellers may be blue or charcoal gray depending on our inventory – both propellers are made of exactly the same material

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  • Bixpy Gudgeon Mount

    Bixpy Gudgeon Mount


    The Bixpy Gudgeon Mount is designed to allow the mounting of a rudder with a 10mm pin onto most kayaks, canoes, small sailboats or whatever else you can dream up.

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  • Bixpy Simple Gudgeon Mount

    Bixpy Simple Gudgeon Mount


    The Bixpy Simple Gudgeon Mount is needed to mount our Universal Rudder Adapter to most kayaks with pre-tapped mounting holes with screw inserts found on the stern of the kayak (such as Wilderness System, Necky, Ocean Kayak, Emotion, and more).

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  • Bixpy Extension Cable

    Bixpy Extension Cable

    Starting at: $29.99

    The Bixpy Extension Cord allows you to place your Outboard Battery Pack further from your motor. If you would like to store your battery in the front hatch of your kayak or Standup Paddle Board or simply want the battery further from your motor, this is what you’ll need. Like any other extension cord, you can plug multiple cords together to achieve a desired length.

    It is important to remember that extension cords do reduce the efficiency of the system, specially at higher speeds. So buy the shortest cable you need for your purpose. There is roughly a 1% to 4% power loss with a 4.5 ft extension cord and a 2% to 8% power loss with the 9 ft cable.

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  • Bixpy Hand Steering Kit

    Bixpy Hand Steering Kit


    The Bixpy Hand Steering Kit is a compact system which provides steering for the Universal Kayak Adapter and the Rudder Adapter. This steering system can also be used for non-Bixpy applications.

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  • Bixpy 12V Auxiliary Cable

    Bixpy 12V Auxiliary Cable


    Expected release date is March 2017

    Your Bixpy Outboard Battery Box has a 12V outlet for you to plug in your fish finder or other 12V electronics. This cable allows you to do just that and keep everything water tight.


    • Waterproof connector with cap
    • 6′ double core cable
    • Bare positive(red)/negative(black) tips
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  • Bixpy Foot Pedal Steering System

    Bixpy Foot Pedal Steering System


    The Bixpy Foot Pedal Steering System is a simple to use and robust foot pedal system which can provide steering for most Bixpy Adpaters, including the Universal Kayak Adapter, Rudder Adapter, Transom Adapter, Power Pole Adapter.

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  • Bixpy Tiller Steering Handle

    Bixpy Tiller Steering Handle


    The Bixpy Tiller Steering Handle is a universal addition to any Bixpy adapter with a vertical down pipe (the blue pipes). You can easily bolt this steering adapter to your existing Bixpy Steering Wing and use it to steer your Bixpy Jet motor setup.

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  • bixpy 5v usb for PP 333 and 378 batteries

    5V USB Charger Cable


    Another great feature of your Bixpy Outboard Battery box is this handy USB charger port. It is a great feature for when your phone or tablet is running low on battery whether on water or land.

    Keep in mind, the USB port is NOT water proof and you should keep it dry at all times and the output is only 1 amp, which means slow charges. This is to preserve your battery for use with your Bixpy Jet and primarily serves as an emergency charger.


    • Waterproof connector with cap
    • 6″ USB cable
    • Connector cap for when not in use
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  • Bixpy J-1 Kare Kit

    Bixpy J-1 Kare Kit


    The Bixpy J-1 Kare Kit is the ideal emergency kit to always have on board.

    It includes the Fine Grill Bixpy PowerShroud™ Propeller Guard, a spare propeller, a front nose clip and 5 packs of multi-purpose di-electric grease.

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  • Bixpy J-1 Weed Guard

    Bixpy Weed Guard


    The Bixpy J-1 Weed Guard is the perfect accessory if you use your Bixpy Jet in places where excess seaweed, small pebbles and other debris are present, which can damage the propeller housing and/or the propeller.

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