Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard
Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Carve Concrete with the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard. Inboard has changed the way electric skateboards work and feel. Experience technology that flows.

Get the Inboard M1™, the world’s most innovative electric skateboard.


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NOW with 40% more torque after firmware V2.3 free upgrade!

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Electric Skateboard with swappable batteries
PowerShift™ Battery

No one should have to plan their journey around outlets and chargers. That’s why Inboard has designed the world’s first electric skateboard with swappable battery packs.

The PowerShift battery can be swapped in seconds. The depleted battery can be recharged inside the deck or on its own with a separate charging cable. A full charge can be achieved in about 90 minutes.

Due to domestic and international lithium-ion battery shipping regulations, each additional PowerShift Battery will ship in a separate package if you order with an M1™ Electric Skateboard.

When will my product ship? Due to overwhelming demand, we will provide you with an accurate shipping estimate within 3 business days. If that date does not work, you’re always able to request a full refund, at any time, prior to shipping.

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