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The most complete fishing kayak ever, the Shearwater 125’s unrivaled speed and stability is only exceeded by its limitless options for angling customization and its incomparable choices of pedal, power, or paddle acceleration – Vibe X-Drive pedal system, Bixpy Jet motor, Vibe Evolve paddle, or the unique combo of all three – at an unmatched price to build the fishing kayak of your dreams to fit any and all budgets.

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Free delivery to Central & South Florida with any Shearwater bundle purchase. (Any combo delivered for free in South Florida).

**We are encouraging those out of FL state to order from a dealer closer to them. The cost to ship kayaks is extremely high and what we charge is still not the true cost to ship.

The exclusive Vibe Shearwater 125, ICAST 2019’s most talked about customizable, versatile and feature-rich pro angling kayak – with an unrivaled choice of Vibe X-Drive pedal drive, Bixpy Jet power motor, paddle, or all three together — offers industry-best pro angling performance coupled with features that anglers customarily had to choose one over the other. All at the incomparable starting MSRP of $1299. The Shearwater 125 represents relentless force poured into an extreme, awe-inspiring look that’s unmistakably Vibe.

The 2020 Vibe Shearwater 125 will be rolling out at Vibe dealers Early to Mid April 2020.



"The Shearwater 125 doesn't just change the over $1,000 fishing kayak game — it ends it by raising premium standards to all-new heights," says Josh Thomas, Vibe Kayaks' CEO.

"The Shearwater is not just Vibe's newest creation, it's now the bar for which all fishing kayaks will be measured in terms of versatility, angling features, customization, and premium value at the very best price. Any angler can now build the best-in-class kayak of their dreams at the pace and price they want and can afford. With the Shearwater 125, they can truly ‘own the water’ — whether that’s freshwater, ocean, or both. With this ultimate fishing kayak, there are no limits."

Two years in the making, this ground-breaking, unrivaled addition to Vibe’s Elite Series family of fishing kayaks is the first to offer the quick-switch choice of Vibe's new ultra-lightweight 7-pound saltwater-ready Vibe X-Drive "fin propulsion" pedal drive system, or Vibe partner Bixpy's Jet motor, or simply a paddle. With a choice of pedal, power, or paddle, Vibe's Shearwater 125 inspires unrivaled confidence with every cast.

Vibe Shearwater own the water


Colors for the Shearwater 125 are as exciting and vibrant as the new kayak itself. Brand new Vibe colors such as the awe-inducing Tsunami Red and Raven will be offered alongside the best-selling Caribbean Blue. Galaxy, 2019’s new super-popular kick-ass color, will only be available for a limited time for those who pre-order the Shearwater 125.

Pre-order your Vibe Shearwater 125


Speed and stability has been optimized across the range of water types and conditions. Powered acceleration and mobility is a decision between Vibe X-Drive pedal drive, Bixpy Jet motor or Vibe Evolve paddle. The 'fighter-delta' aggressive chassis hull geometry ensures excellent handling, stability, and stealth whether standing or seated, while also ensuring it's unmistakably Vibe at a glance. As the perfect blend of power options and performance, the Shearwater is able to deliver everything you need, when you need it most.

Vibe shearwater 125 Caribbean Blue Front
Vibe shearwater 125 Caribbean Blue bottom side
shearwater bottom back
Vibe shearwater 125 Caribbean Blue top back
Vibe shearwater 125 Caribbean Blue left side
Vibe shearwater 125 Caribbean Blue Front right



Vibe Shearwater Paddle
Vibe Shearwater Pedal
Vibe Shearwater Bixpy Power

Shearwater 125’s propulsion options are as flexible and versatile as everything else offered on this game-changing fishing kayak.

Vibe X-Drive Pedal Kit (MSRP $599): The Vibe X-Drive allows fast but smooth-and-easy pedal acceleration and stopping; whether traveling long distances between fishing spots or for nuanced kayak positioning while sneaking up on the big ones. The X-Drive Pedal Kit includes the X-Drive Pod, X-Drive pedal system, and a steering handle that can be mounted on either side of the Shearwater.
Save $100 when purchased with the Shearwater 125

Bixpy Jet Motor Kit (MSRP $1,199): The Bixpy Jet marries the advantages of a compact jet drive motor with those of a propeller drive motor to deliver a stealthy and powerful punch at a weight of only 9 lbs including the battery pack. The Bixpy Jet Motor Kit includes the Bixpy Jet Thruster, Outboard Power Pack (333 Wh), Wireless Remote Control, Magnetic kill switch with leash, 100 - 240V Wall Charger, and a rudder mounting adapter.
Save $100 when purchased with the Shearwater 125.

Vibe Evolve Paddle (MSRP $109.99): With a Vibe Evolve paddle in hand, you are able to take a more classic approach to covering any corner of your world, while compromising nothing in terms of having an arsenal of angling features at hand on a sea monster-catching machine.



Shearwater Factory Pod
shearwater versa pod
shearwater xdrive pod

With your choice of three activity-versatile specialty drop-in pods – maxing-out 'space', 'storage' and 'speed' – the Shearwater 125 uniquely allows you to further customize the world's best-in-class fishing kayak to precisely fit how and where you wish to fish.

Base Pod (Included): Killer sight-fishing comes standard on the Shearwater 125 with the Vibe Base Pod, included with Shearwater 125. The Base Pod allows you to max-out your open deck to make standing and casting anywhere and everywhere a breeze, while also giving you the awesome option to quickly and easily swap-out the Base Pod for the optional storage-supreme Vibe Versa Pod (MSRP $79.99) or crest the waves with the optional Vibe X-Drive Pod's (MSRP $69.99) ability to drop-in select pedal drive systems, to include the Vibe X-Drive pedal system.

Versa Pod (MSRP $79.99):The Vibe Versa Pod is versatility defined. Huge weather-tight storage, magnetic tackle tray, quick-access cargo net & more! With the Versa Pod you can make sure you don't have to leave anything behind on shore, while also making sure that delicate items or electronics remain weather-and-water-safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

X-Drive Pod (MSRP $69.99): Quick-drop & go your Vibe X-Drive Pod to easily add the Vibe X-Drive pedal system or select other 3rd party pedal drives. Lightweight premium pedal power at your beck & call to hit every one of your secret spots in just half a fishing day and then get home quick against wind and tides.
(Fits select 3rd party pedal drives. Included in the Vibe X-Drive Pedal Kit)



Vibe Shearwater 125 5 seating options

The new all-weather-tough Vibe Summit Seat (with optional Standing Perch) delivers superior comfort, generous lumbar and back support, as well as cooling-drying airflow, for all day, every day fishing. Coupled with four easy-adjustable angling positions for better sight fishing or for optimizing different propulsion positions, no other kayak seat is designed to improve your fishing while giving you high-low and 2 different recumbent angles for maximum comfort.

The unique and optional Summit Seat Perch (MSRP $89.99) is a Vibe accessory to the Summit Seat which attaches to the back of the seat to offer kayak sight fishermen a platform to gain a much higher sitting position or the ultimate standing vantage point. The Vibe Summit Seat Perch puts kayak sight fishing at a whole new level when you are elevated 16 inches off the water! See the sea monsters way before they see you.

Dimensions and Specs
Length 12' 6"
Capacity 475 pounds
Weight (hull) 77 pounds
Weight (fully loaded) 92 pounds


Single person kayak
Material Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene
Package Includes Vibe Summit Seat, Base Pod, Pre-Installed Gravity Rudder Kit
  • 4 position high-low Vibe Summit® Seat
  • 8" of seat trimming for comfortable weight displacement
  • 4 Vibe Phantom Grip® carrying handles
  • 2 molded-in, heavy-payload rear handles
  • Bixpy Jet® motor-ready Vibe Gravity® Rudder System
  • Vibe FreeFlow® Rudder Control padded foot braces
  • Hand-steering rudder control ready
  • Premium non-slick deck padding
  • Flip down Vibe Summit Seat® standing / sitting perch (sold separately)
  • Easy access gunwale standing perch
  • Stand up assist strap included
  • Open deck with large, padded standing area
Propulsion Options
  • Paddle
  • Foot Pedal (requires Vibe X-Drive Pedal Pod® and foot pedal system and steering handle)
  • Bixpy Jet® Motor (attaches to Vibe Gravity® Rudder)
Gear Mounting
  • 4 flush mount fishing rod holders
  • 4 horizontal fishing rod holders with rod tip protectors
  • 4 integrated top-loading gear tracks
  • Removable sealed fishfinder pod with built-in transducer mount
  • 2 Side bungee paddle parks
  • 2 Reinforced Power Pole® mounting locations
  •  3 6" sealed hull access plates
  • Front cargo storage area with Flex Top® gear cover
  • Rear cargo storage area with bungee tie down
  • Rear cargo bungee includes 4 Vibe Versa cooler clips
  • 4 tackle tray holders: Fits PLANO™ 3600 tackle tray
  • Vibe Versa Drawer® with mesh cover
  • Removable Electronics Pod with Transducer Mount
  • Rotomolded single piece polyethylene
  • 8 scupper holes (plugs included)
  • Replaceable skid plate
Vibe Shearwater 125 top view

-Vibe Shearwater 125-

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