Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

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With so many electric skateboards on the market, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t look exactly like the other. Enter the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard; a stealthy longboard with in-wheel hub motors, integrated front and rear LEDs, all hidden electronics, a quickly swappable battery, ergonomically designed RFLX™ remote and a plethora of other features. When looking up close you’d swear there was stealth fighter technology in the finish of the board’s materials. Does it sound like we’re really fans of the board yet? Good, it’s because we are! Born in Santa Cruz, California, Inboard Skate initially found success on Kickstarter and later while on SharkTank. After trying out a number of electric boards the Inboard M1 offered something different, a more refined experience, “Technology that flows” as they put it. This is Boosted Boards competition and without a doubt another top tier board manufacturer. Does it justify the price tag slightly north of 1k? Premium quality almost always commands a premium price – so yes we think so. The Inboard M1 is the kind of precision engineering and design you’d expect from a Porsche Carrera S, or more fittingly a Tesla Model S. While it may not be the fastest off the line, it just feels awesome getting to top speed without ever feeling unstable in your run. Just like the Tesla’s of today, performance can be unlocked via an easy to do firmware upgrade. In fact a recently released update improved the torque curve down low which added even more get up and go from a stand still. This was just one area we noted on a very short list along with the premium price that might not please potential buyers. Based on feedback from the latest update, many board owners applauded the newer torque curve especially those in city areas where stopping and starting is frequent.

Inboard M1 City Skate

Now admittedly, the Boosted Board V2 has some get up and go thanks to it’s belt driven system, it’s physics, but it’s the kind of get up and go that feels like your buddy slapped your horse on the rear end without warning, it’ll dump you if you’re not careful. Maybe that’s your style and that’s fine, but the feeling of getting to your top speed is consistent and unmatched. Letting go of the throttle and just coasting is such a sense of freedom as the hub motors have little felt resistance or drag, in fact you can very much kick the Inboard M1 around like a normal longboard when the battery runs low or you need to prolong that ride to the next stop. We can appreciate that the only thing we’re swapping is batteries, and not motor belts. Maintenance is next to none. The water resistance rating is a huge plus, fear not going through puddles, however Inboard cautions about riding in the rain. They laid out a simple rule of thumb, if your back wheels are kicking up water constantly, it’s time to stop riding.

Inboard M1 Electric Surf Sports ESS Reflex Remote

Pairing the RFLX™ Remote is a breeze and the design is great for when you’re really carving serious concrete. You can relax your remote hand while riding through sharp turns and not worry about dropping the remote. If that’s not your style, simply take the tail off.

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The range is stated to be between 7-10 Miles and that held true during our tests, riding conditions and mode will obviously affect range. When you’re low on battery simply swap the battery out for a fresh one in 15 seconds or less which is something other board makers haven’t really been able to pull off yet. Florida being flat, really helps too, but hills of 15% grades are no problem for the board. Riding at night is liberating and usually goes with less traffic and cooler nights, and while the headlights don’t really illuminate your path, they certainly make others around you aware of your presence making it a safer experience for all involved. LEDs can be turned on and off via remote for those needing absolute stealth on their bombing mission. The regenerative braking seemed to work well enough. When blasting around at full speed, like any other vehicle, care should be taken to allow time to stop. A common question we receive is in regards to the batteries, and concerns regarding battery safety. Inboard technologies sources their Lithium ion batteries from Samsung, and the batteries are well designed and sealed. To date they have not had any issues with any batteries. The same unfortunately could not be said about Boosted. Rare warranty claims and issues are all easily and efficiently handled by Inboard ensuring consistency in their service experience. Using the Inboard Vision™ Mobile app is a snap, and has some pretty cool features such as applying firmware updates, making support requests and can also act as a remote if your battery dies or you don’t want to carry yet another item on you. The Vision App is currently being developed for Android devices and should be released soon.

Inboard M1 Vision App ESS

All in all, Inboard Technologies has set the bar pretty high for current and future electric skateboard manufacturers. We’re very proud that we were able to secure an Authorized Dealer position with Inboard and have the privilege to offer their amazing products, and offer the kind of service that they would expect for a top tier product company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or sales inquiries. Try before you buy at any of our partnered locations (We’ll update this post when the list is officially up). Shipping is free to most of the United States* see terms and conditions for any shipping restrictions. Current special: FREE helmet with order, pick your desired helmet size and color and use offer code: “CRITICAL” when checking out.

Electric Skateboard with swappable batteries
PowerShift™ Battery

No one should have to plan their journey around outlets and chargers. That’s why Inboard has designed the world’s first electric skateboard with swappable battery packs.

The PowerShift battery can be swapped in seconds. The depleted battery can be recharged inside the deck or on its own with a separate charging cable. A full charge can be achieved in about 90 minutes.

Due to domestic and international lithium-ion battery shipping regulations, each additional PowerShift Battery will ship in a separate package if you order with an M1™ Electric Skateboard.

When will my product ship? Due to overwhelming demand, we will provide you with an accurate shipping estimate within 3 business days. If that date does not work, you’re always able to request a full refund, at any time, prior to shipping.

Financing available with PayPal Credit at Check out. 

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