Camorama 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Unboxing

Camorama 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Unboxing

Another day, and more electrified fun. We managed to get our hands on the Camorama 360 degree 4k VR Camera and decided to write a little review on it. We’ve been in the market for 360 Cameras for a little bit and finally came across the right camera for the price and features. Other 360 Cameras usually had pretty poor quality or were cumbersome at best. When we saw that the Camorama camera was 4K (has the same image sensor as the Yi 4K camera, which crushes GoPro Hero 4; IMX377) and offered some really cool features like live streaming and control over Wifi with a remote or your phone, waterproof to 30M with the underwater case all for a decent price, we anxiously placed our order. We quickly received our Camorama unit and put it to the test. We ordered the 64GB model as it was a good price point right in the middle and offered a sizeable amount of storage. We also ordered the underwater case, tripod, selfie stick and camera soft carrying bag. The camera and accessories arrived quickly and packaged very well.


Unboxing, felt similar to opening up a flagship product like the latest iPhone, nothing feels cheap or too plastic. The camera itself is very small and for the most part light weight which makes carrying it around in the little soft case very easy. It even comes with a little clip to help things along. The Selfie stick is well constructed and feels very sturdy. I would usually attach the selfie stick to the tripod to get higher elevation shots. The tripod has a built in level for ensuring everything is nice and flat for the best shots. It’s okay if the camera is not perfectly level, you’re unlikely to see a difference unless it’s noticeably leaning.

Camorama Android App





Home screen, connect the Camorama Camera via Wifi. Follow the quick animation. Set a first time password. Afterwards connecting to the camera is fast and seamless.





View downloaded content when not connected to the Camorama unit, otherwise you will see all files streamed over Wifi when connected. This is nice as well as it won’t take up space on your phone unless you choose to download items.

Camorama Android App viewing


View in the various modes. The buttons in order from top to bottom: Flip Lens view, if you took the image or movie inverted or right side up, you can change the view with this button. The next button Cycles the options with each press: Fisheye, Tiny Planet, Wide Screen and Asteroid. Next is the active tracking mode: Use your finger to move around or turn on the tracking mode that matches your phone’s movement with what you see. Lastly here you can enable the VR mode, last option on the bottom.

Operating the camera is a breeze, and it pairs easily with your Android or iPhone after downloading the latest Camorama APP. It was refreshing for a change to have a device work well with my Android as often times developers focus on the IOS platform and trickle down to the Android platforms eventually, it just worked all around on my phone or my Fiancé’s iPhone. The first time connecting the camera to the phone App, it’ll present a blank Wifi Password field which it’ll then ask you to change to some 8 Digit number, obviously avoid using the same digit throughout like all 1’s 2’s or 0’s while that may seem tempting, it’s really to prevent anyone else from trying to connect to your Camorama on the go. If you forget the password, you can reset it easily by holding down the reset button near the charging port. The modes included Single Shots, Burst, and Video which can all be set by the Phone App, I found it easy to set it to a mode I liked, and then just use the camera’s bigger center button to start and stop video, or snap a shot, however for shots away from the camera, it’s useful to do so with your phone app. Sharing is easy with the phone app, and you don’t even have to download the files to the phone, you can preview them streaming over Wifi which is nice if your phone lacks storage capacity. When viewing the playback, a 1 finger tap and release snaps a screenshot and saves it locally to the phone. 2 Finger tap takes a panoramic photo from a video file which can be shared on social media. There is a Windows and Mac based Camorama player softer which will allow you to view, and edit photos and videos as well as export these items to be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube for example, screenshots can also be taken from this. We did find that some features were missing, like joining video files together, and earlier version of the software would crash, but after speaking to support, they quickly addressed the issue and updated me the second there was an update available for download on the site. We’ve used the camera kayaking, at the beach, at a wedding, hopefully soon we’ll go diving with it. So far it’s worked without issue every time. We did notice it’ll get warm to the touch when uploading and playing back videos from the camera whilst connected to the computer but that seems normal. We were able to record for a hair over 1.5 hours straight. If you’re snapping photos and videos here and there, it will last longer, and lasts a while on standby.


Pros: Competitive with other 360 Camera manufactures, and you get much more features for the price. Everything feels solid, and well designed. Very easy to operate, set it and forget it. Very small compact size. Works on Android or iPhones. Sharing to social media is easy from the Phone App. Magnetic lens cover and magnetic base allows attaching the Camorama camera to metallic surfaces.

Cons: The Camorama Windows Player app while getting better with each version still has some features that would be desired. Cannot comment on the MAC version of the software. Another con is that the video clips are broken into 2 minutes, I imagine that this is due to the fact that all 2 min clips are quite large in size as 360 video captures A LOT of data, and there are possibly limitations in saving these large blocks to the storage medium (This is just a guess), but I was assured that joining clips together would not be an issue in a release coming out soon for the Camorama Player Computer app. While not really so much of a con, but mentioning that the Storage capacity is built into the Camera much like the way iPhones are set up with internal memory which doesn’t let you add more. I’d recommending getting the largest size you can afford. It will not fill up in one session, we used the Camera 3 full times now and aren’t even halfway through the 64GBs.


*Please Note: The VR viewing module on this website “pinches” the top and the bottom. The images look and are seamless in the Camorama app and viewer and when uploaded to Facebook or Youtube.

Camorama 360 4k VR Camera
Camorama 360 4K VR Camera

The future is here. Now let’s have some fun with it! You’ve heard about Virtual Reality. You’ve probably heard that Facebook and YouTube now support 360-degree videos. You’ve seen Google street-view. Now you can be a part of the future. Get ready to be amazed. We have one the easiest to use, most portable panoramic cameras in the world. Previously reserved for professional photographers, Camorama brings 360-degree video shooting to the masses bringing 4K quality and significantly lowering the price of entry. No need for multiple cameras! No Stitching! Fast downloading of your media via wifi Editing and sharing available directly from your mobile. Longer than ever record times 90 minutes.

Camorama Specs

Camorama 360 4k specs diagram

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Camorama 360 4k Selfie Stick
Camorama 360 4k Selfie Stick

Capture your most memorable moments by yourself or with your friends with the Camorama 360 4k Selfie Stick. Featuring a 6 section adjustable telescoping design that fully extends to 710mm. An articulating locking ball head with quick release makes for easy adjustment when filming with the camera right side up or inverted. 1/4 inch universal mounting point on the base handle as well as the top.

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-Camorama 360 Degree 4K VR Camera Unboxing-

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